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Can add more than 1 GB limit per data set, into Power BI services

I have pro account of the Power BI. 


I got the 10 GB space.


When I try to publish the 1.254 GB data set in power BI services, I got the error message data is not more than 1 GB.


Any option can be increasing limits of that data set 

Resolver III
Resolver III



You can't publsih the .pbix file more then 1 GB.


We have a limitation in Power BI, we can only publish .pbix below 1 GB.




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 I am facing the same issue somehow. I have a pbix  published to service using pro licence.  But now while refreshing the data set size limit error is thrown : 

Data source error:

Unable to save the changes since the new dataset size exceeds the limit of 1 GB.

I was wondering if it is possible to enhance the dataset size and enable the refresh exceeding 1GB limit .If not  then what is the work around? If I 'll have to use direct query , then what if  i have to query more then one million rows?

I have to query 10 millions of data all together, what ll be the best solution in power bi ?


Thanks !


Hi there

What you could do is to see if there are any columns in your PBIX which are taking up a lot of space and which are not needed and remove them.

Such as a Key column.

You can use the Vertipaq Analyzer to see which columns are taking up the space:

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Hi , I have already removed the columns to  minimum 10 and i am in direct query moder trying to display 10 million of data but restriction on direct query is only one million of result set can be displayed.

I just need to knw any  practical soln ?

Hi there

It appears to me that you are trying to use Power BI to extract data out of another system. Which would be difficult to do.

I would suggest looking at the link I sent above and see which columns are taking up all the space and see if there is a way to make them smaller?

Also a star schema could assist you here instead of storing for example the Customer Name 10 million times vs storing the CustomerKey (which there might only be 100 or even 10000

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Super User

Hi @Anonymous

What I would suggest is having a look at what is taking up all the space in your Power BI Desktop file. As I am fairly certain that there would be a way to get the file size right down.


You can use this link to find out how to see what is using all the Memory:


Things to make a note of, is if the columns are not required then delete them. Also where possible set the Data types on the columns to the ones that they should be. This can help reduce the file size.

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Hi @Anonymous,


1GB and 10GB are limited based per user. A free user can have maximum allowed limit of 1GB in powerbi service and a Pro can have 10GB. This limitation stands for the storage space you can have in Power BI service. It is the total size of all items you stored in service. You can check your usage in Power BI service by going through settings icon in top right hand corner and click manage storage.

However, when you publish a pbix file over 1GB to Power BI Service, you will get limitation error message, no matter how much space are left in Power BI service. That is to say, the data set of a single pbix file you are going to publish must be smaller than 1 GB. And in the case that your pbix file is less than 1GB when importing it to Power BI service, but the data model grows beyond 1 GB after a period of time, you will get a message when refreshing the dataset. Reference: Power BI Service May Update: File Size Increase to 1 GB


Best regards,
Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team _ Yuliana Gu
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Dear All,


Just a quick question, 

I am currently using the trial version and I have a pbix file which is greater than 1 GB.. approx 1.3 GB.

As a result I am not able to publish the file.

Would purchasing the premium version allow me to publish the file online?


I look forward to your reply


Thanks and Kind Regards,

Wilbur Fernandes.



Hi @wilburferns


It is possible that you might be able to use it in Power BI Premium.


What I would suggest is to look at your dataset as I am fairly certain that there will be a way to make it smaller still.


Also make sure that you have got the latest version of Power BI Desktop as this has got the better and updated compression engine.

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Dear @GilbertQ


Thank you for your reply.


I do have the latest version of PowerBi installed. However let me check if i can work on the Data Set..

The data has around 30 Million rows of data and a lot of calculations as well as an ever increasing datazize.


If it does not work then I guess the PowerBi Premium would be best option.


Thanks once again.


Thanks and Kind Regards,

Wilbur Fernandes.

Hi @wilburferns


What I would suggest doing is if you are storing your data at the transational level, is to ask the users if anyone every needs to go down to that level in Power BI?


From my experience when someone needs to go down to that level of detail they can quickly get to that data from the source system such as an ERP system.


If that is the case, you could then aggregate the data to Daily which would save significant rows as well as make the entire dataset size a lot smaller. 


I have created quite a few larger datasets, say 10 million rows and it has never been over 120MB due to the way it was designed as well as only keeping the data that they needed (Never removing essential data, but sometimes people say they want everything and only use 20%)

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I have a pbix file which is 1.4 GB and I am using on premises power bi reporting server. I have tried but couldn't able to save it within the server. Your suggestions would be appreciable to solve the issue.

Dear @GilbertQ


Thank you


Will check with the users and will let you know.


Thanks and Kind regards,

Wilbur Fernandes.

Super User
Super User

You'll have to move to Direct Query probably. I'll check, but Premium might allow larger file sizes.


From a year ago, 1 GB is the limit.

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