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Access to write back enabled SSAS cubes

I have had problems trying to access a write back enabled SSAS cube through the enterprise gateway. I have added it properly to the gateway and tested the connection. However, when i want to add it as a data set to a workspace i am still getting a data access error. Does Power BI service supports access to cubes that are write back enabled? Also i don't know why i am getting a credential error for the cube that i am connecting to (write back enabled).



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Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Hi @Baha As some of the other posters have already said write back is not supported for SSAS MD. offers write back capability for SSAS Tabular in addition to automated data integration of accounting and ERP solutions as well as enterprise planning functionality.


Let me know if I can help with further details.



Advocate II
Advocate II



Writeback to Tabluar with both Import mode and Direct query is fully supported with Visual Planning from Power ON. There is also support for Multi-Dimensinoal. There is a great video here to get you started.


You can also load data from Power BI to SQL with their solutions:


Power ON also has a Table Editor that lets you edit SQL Tables in Power BI Service directly.


Contact info is


Visual Planner turns Power BI into a fully fledged Goal Seek and Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solution.


Per Solli




Currently, writeback functionality is not supported in Power BI. Please vote this Idea:



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