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Using a table in PowerBI Report Server into SSRS

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie in SSRS so, first of all, I'm sorry for any miss understand information.


It's possible to do a report in SSRS connected to Power BI Report Server? Like that: I have a Power BI table in cloud, so I select all the filters I need and click in a button like "go to SSRS" (inside of Power BI) and go to SSRS with the same filters?


For example: I have a table with "city" and "cost" and two data segmentation with "year" and "product", so, I will know what is the cost of a product in a specific city in a certain year. I want to filter in Power BI Report Server and print in SSRS, so, I would like to create a button or something like that to go from power bi and go to SSRS without having to do all the filters again.


I want this because my boss needs to see all information in Power BI but if he wants print this table he needs in SSRS.


Thank you in advance. 

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I also want this feature, but unfortunately, it is not supported

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