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Text Visual not working in PBIRS September

I updated last night to Power BI Report Server (September), and now none of the Text Filters visuals in my reports are working properly. They work in PBI Desktop, but when saved to the Report Server, they don't.


Re-downloaded the visual, and created a new sample report.


Anyone has a solution? Dear MS, if anyone is reading this, could you have a look at it? It's your visual, and it's PBI certified.

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Already available a new version released today, version 15.0.1102.620 in 10/10/2019


Link for download:


I performed the installation and the tests were successful.

View solution in original post

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Already available a new version released today, version 15.0.1102.620 in 10/10/2019


Link for download:


I performed the installation and the tests were successful.

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Timeline visual doesnt work. After i publish, the page is not affected by the filter.

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I'll add my voice to the chorus - the Text Visual is critical to our report adoption success. We use it in over 75% of our reports. 


Please advise when this issue may be resolved. 



David Vinson

hi, thanks for reporting the issue. Team has identified the issue and is working on a fix. We are planning to release an updated build later next week.



I wonder what got the attention of the product team over this issue, and not over other issues...


I have tried posting about the corruption of PBIRS metadata when publishing a report that was started in Direct Query mode and subsequently switched to Import... This is with the May 2019 release of PBIRS.


I posted in these forums about this in great details (along with my workaround) as well as under ideas on issues. I was later redirctered to the support site which circled me back to the ideas on issues... One other user confirmed finding the same problem with the May 2019 release and further completed my workaround to correct parts of the corrupted PBIRS metadata that I had missed, but nobody seem to pick up on this.


Eventually, others will run into this issue if it was not corrected in the september 2019 release (not mentionned in the change logs).


I understand the methhead-type obsession with the cloud that animates Microsoft, but there has to be some better care given to PBIRS for the customers that simply cannot go to the cloud yet (or ever).

Hey Thanks, 


Is the extract to Excel feature also going to be added along with the fix? 

Export to Excel is not part of PBIRS September release.



This is really dissapointing as it was and still is mentioned for a long time as part of the September 2019 release,


Any news on new release plan?

Hi Erwin,


This was really unfortunate we didn't get it in - the devs had a first version working, but there were concerns raised about the actual implementation and ultimately the call was made to err on the side of caution and take the extra time to make some adjustments, which meant missing the Sept release.  We knew this was promised, and we'd pushed off other work to do whatever we could to make Sept., but ultimately the right call was made as we wanted to make sure it was going to meet customer expectations.  


I know this is frustrating, but the good news is we will have the feature in for January.






Thanks for the update Chris, highly promising your message has turned out to be. 


I woud like to take the opportunity to ask whether you and your team will be able to add the personalized bookmarks into PBIRS any time in the future? This is a huge business need at least for us as applying profiled RLS to prefilter dashboard on a landing page is rather hard to maintain.



will it be in January, as promised? 

Frequent Visitor

I am having issues with the hierarchy slicer not working once posted to the Report Server (regardless of browser). The Slicer does not filter any visualizations on the page and I am not the only one posting about this ( As discussed before, this seems to be an issues across multiple visuals.

Resolver II
Resolver II

We spotted this same issue during regression testing.  We use the Text Filter visual in a lot of reports, so we're going to delay upgrading to the September 2019 version of PBIRS until MSFT releases a break-fix for this.

I just heard from a contact on the product team that they are investigating this issue. It looks like it's related to the custom visual api as it's also impacted the Chiclet slicer. Which probably means they'll need to fix Report Server.

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Same issue here after updating to Sep 2019.  It does work in Desktop, but not PBIRS.


Edit: Found the github I think...

Advocate I
Advocate I

Same issue here. I was searching for a solution, but at least I found someone with the same problem!


Luckily, we're currently regression testing for breaking changes before we upgrade, but we'll definitely want to get this resolved ASAP so we can leverage all the new features and capabilities soon.


Microsoft, please advise. Thanks!

Same issue here. There are other visuals not working too (e.g.


Microsoft team, could you fix this bug quickly?

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