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Helper V

SSAS Live connection with row level security on Report Server



I am using SSAS Tabular model created and using in Power BI report server. We have new security requirement of users logging and what they get to see in report.


When i connect to SSAS Live, i see the power roles is disabled. So i implemented in SSAS so that report should filter for the user logged in.  Once I deploy the report the Report server, i dont see any user filteration happening, and also on server report manage section, row level security is disabled.


I did read this -

But it talks only about Power BI service.


Can some one provide insight on how to acheive this on Report server, when we use SSAS Tabular Live connection in Power BI Report server?






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Hi manalla,


hope you doing well, I am having the same issue, and I appreciate if you help me out finding the solve 

thank you

Hi @Anonymous 


I had the issue resolved.

Setup the Roles in SSAS Tabular layer. And then based on the user logged in, RLS will be applied from PBI RS to SSAS.


Let me know your exact issue, so that i can help as much i can.




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Hi Manoj,


We are also have same kind of requirement which u have.

Data filtering not happening using SSAS Tabular RLS Live connection to Power BI report Server- On Premises .


1. Power BI report Server - Jan 2020 version - On-Premises 

2. SSAS Tabular Model Live connection. version 2019.

3. Power BI desktop - Jan -2020


I have implemented custom authentication where will allow the access to power BI report server.

And Live connected to Analysis services tabular model for testing purpose signle table like employee table (employeeid, name , email, department).

Created Role where hard coded value to filter departmentId=1.


But the probem is data is not filtering in power BI report server as well as Power BI desktop.


could u please help us for where we have made mistake.




Hi Suresh,


Did you try userprinciplename() function and create a role in Roles of SSAS Tabular model. This will usually relate to user email, so map it to email field.




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Dear @manalla
I tried to create a rule on SSAS layer and when I login into PRS with the same account the i had made the rule on , It doesn’t filtering the data the way I want, it still shows me the whole data
Could you help me please!
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We are also facing same issue. Data doesn't filtering SSAS RLS even hard coded value.


Could you share us the fix deatials .




@Anonymous wrote:

We are also facing same issue. Data doesn't filtering SSAS RLS even hard coded value.

How are you testing this? You should be aware that users in the SSAS Admin role do not get RLS applied to them. So if you are creating a role and adding yourself this is not a good test. You need to add a non-admin account and test using that.

Hi @Anonymous 


please check what is username() resolving to in SSAS and PBIRS, both should be same, else DAX forumla wouldnt work.


1. Create a meauser in SSAS with username() - see what it resolves to

2. Create a regular pbi report with username() measure displayed in a table visual - see what it resolves to


Both these should be same, most cases domain\username

If both are same in your case and still data doesnt get filtered, please share your DAX formula.




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Hi @manalla  

Hope you doing great!

I have some question for you :

1- username() in SSAS is it used as a measure? or Roles?

2-username () in PB is it measure? because of the role in PRS is unavailable?

3-Could you please share your username():smileysad:?

4- Do you have a table created with a username()?


I always thankful 



Try this:

1. Create pbix with measure USERNAME()

2. Check result string

3. Upload this pbix to RS

4. Check result string on RS

5. Compare them.


Are they same strings?

Resolver I
Resolver I



Do You have both services (SSAS and RS) on one machine?

If u don't have u need SPN to authentificate AD users.


Do You have same accounts in row level security in pbix and in row-level tab on RS in this report?
If not u need to add it.


Remember about that:

In Power BI Desktop function USERNAME() will return "<domain>\<user>"

In Power BI Report Server  function USERNAME() will return "<user>@<domain>"



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