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Helper II
Helper II

Row Level Security not working

Hi All,

I creaated a report using PBI Desktop Optimized for Report Server. Source is SSAS CUBE (Multi dimensional). Cube has data from multiple states. In PBI Desktop I clickd on "Manage roles" and named it as Delaware and gave the value of State="Delaware". When I clicked on Views as and selected the role that I created it shows me data for Delaware only, but when I click on other user and select , either domain\username or it shows all data, please advice where I am going wrong?


Super User
Super User

@amybirc77 there does appear to be some new caching bug here.


If I deploy a new report I can see all the rows.

If I then add a role and add my test user to a role I can still see all rows.


But I can "fix" this if I re-start the service using the Report Server Configuration Manager.


Or if I delete the report from the portal and re-deploy it (and then re-add the user(s) to the roles)


I don't think this is something we can fix on this forum. I think you will need to raise a ticket with Microsoft Support.

Super User
Super User

When you selected the other user did you also tick the role? When you are testing as another user in the View As screen you need to specify both the role and username.

@d_gosbell  yes I did, and in the below screen shot when i select the role I created 'perm' it only shows data for Delaware



@amybirc77 wrote:

@d_gosbell  yes I did, and in the below screen shot when i select the role I created 'perm' it only shows data for Delaware


No, you didn't. When testing as another user you must click "Other user" AND one or more of the roles. 


And normally when doing this you would have the role you tick setup with dynamic security (so it makes use of the USERPRINCIPALNAME() or USERNAME() functions). Because the link between a user and a role is stored on the server side it does not make sense to enter just a user when testing in desktop.

@d_gosbell  thanks it worked on the desktop end, when I deployed it to the report server and added the user to the role, it did not work , it is showing data for all the states. I followed this video ( and did exactly the same using USERNAME() AND USERPRINCIPALNAME().

Did not work.

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