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Paginated Report with Subreport page break on parameter

I'm working on building a variation on an invoice that has an invoice number and then pulls in transactions that are part of that invoice as a subreport. 

The problem is that unlike the training examples provided by Microsoft I need to generate roughly 400 at a time and so that subreport needs to end up on the correct page for each Invoice while I run them all at the same time. I've been able to get it to work for a single invoice number. I've been able too get each sub report on a different page but not with the rest of the invoice information (just pages of subreports followed by pages of invoice information). 


I've tried grouping on the main report with page breaks, I've tried grouping on the subreport. I've tried both I'm at a loss for how to get them to show up and page break together. 







Super User
Super User

I cannot see clearly from your screenshot, but it looks like the subreport is just sitting on the body of the report. Normally if I want a sub report for each row in my parent dataset I will put the subreport inside a detail cell in a table in the main report.

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