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Report Server POST powerbi/api/powerbi/refresh/subscribe returns 404

We have power bi reports developed in power bi desktop RS Sep 2019.


Our reports were working fine but since upgrading to Report Server May 2020 (without upgrading the pbi desktop/pbix file to maintain backward compatibility with some of environments that are pending upgrade) I noticed during my testing that in the browser console, there are a lot of POST requests to https://{servername}/powerbi/api/powerbi/refresh/subscribe returning 404 error that did not exist in Sep 2019 report server. It seems to be making the call automatically at a frequent interval even when I am not interacting with the report at all. We not scheduled any refresh since all our reports are connected to SSAS tabular model (Live Connection)

What is this POST request referring to? Can we disable it at all while maintaining the pbix file version to be based on Sep 2019?
Is this a bug on the Report Server itself? I have also tried upgrading one of my dev box to the latest release of Report Server (Oct 2020) and the same issue is still present.

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Same issue still on Jan 2022 version. 

facing the same issue, how can we turn this off. in my case both track and subscribe calls are taking a lot of time. taking atleast 30 seconds and mostly fail.
what exactly is this subscribe/refresh?


Community Support
Community Support



(404) error meaning there is no data received, or the source is removed or not exist. Please recheck the source make sure it has no problem to connect. Please recheck and reconnect to the SSAS model make sure it has no problem to connect.


BTW, it is always recommended to used latest version of both PBI Desktop RS and Report Server


Paul Zheng _ Community Support Team

The problem I had is why the report server is trying to make POST call to https://{servername}/powerbi/api/powerbi/refresh/subscribe at all (and it's calling multiple times frequently even when I just left the report opened for a minute or two). I didn't see this in earlier version of RS. I think this is most likely an invalid URL anyway.

The report server URL is something like https://{servername}/reports.

I know the issue is not with the connection to SSAS because I could still change the slicer selection after seeing these errors popping up in the console.

We will eventually update the report to the later version but we have tens of reports and multiple servers to maintain so when we have upgraded the RS on one Dev/UAT server, the other server might still run older RS. If the pbix is saved in newer version it won't be deployable to the older RS anymore whereas new RS is supposedly backward compatible with older version of pbix. Anyway in this case even though I tried saved the pbix in the same version as the RS version and update the report in RS (e.g. May 2020 or Sep 2020) that 404 calls to the refresh/subscribe still appear in the browser console. I haven't seen any new settings in the pbix related to the Live Query auto refresh at all so I don't think the pbix version is the issue here. The RS itself seems to be trying to be connecting to that inexistent refresh/subscribe API since the May 2020 upgrade.

We still have the issue with the Power BI Report Server from May 2021.
Besides that we can't upgrade at the moment because in the version from September 2021 Internet Explorer support stopped.

Does anyone has a solution for these 404 messages or how we can disable the post to the non-existing page https://...../powerbi/api/powerbi/refresh/subscribe ? 

We detect the same problem in january 2021 version.

Do tou have find a solution for this problem ?

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