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REST API calls with typescript-angular library

Hi everyone.

I developed an angular app with the typescript-angular PBI library downloaded here:

I have a PBI Server on-premise with some reports.

For example I call the createSession method from SessionService with these user credential object:

class Credentials implements UserCredentials{
userName = "...";
password = "...";
domain = "...";
with these informations:
- userName = second part of userName field of a user get from the Users table in PBI database after the "\" (domain\username)
- password = the password
- domain = first part of userName field of a user get from the Users table in PBI database before the "\" (domain\username)
I receive always 400 BAD REQUEST from this call:
this.sessionSrv.createSession(cred).subscribe(result =>{
console.log("login result", result);
error =>{
console.log("login error", error);
in app.module.ts I add this in "providers array:
{provide: BASE_PATH, useValue: '<PBI web portal URL from Report Server Configuration Manager>'}
What am I doing wrong? Do I need to make configurations on my PBI Server side to activate the rest api?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

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