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Advocate II
Advocate II

Print full Page


I'm trying to print a report page via Power Bi online, but on print preview and prints it is only showing a quarter of the report. I'm currently using Google croome but have also trying Internet Explorer but with different printing results but neither showing the full page. Is there away to print the full page.




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Just wondering is the issue has been fixed. We have Jan 2019 version and still expereince the same issue.

Advocate II
Advocate II

This is happening in Sydney as it is in Brazil.

Is this only a Southern Hemisphere issue or a wider software defficiency with PBI Report Server.

Looking at the number of views of this thread and the number of votes in the ideas page, printing is a pressing issue.

Hey Will, can you confirm this will be resolved in the next release of PBIRS?

How is the next release planned for May tracking?


I have produced some awesome reports for our company but the lack of printing function really makes me look bad and then I deflect the blame to Microsoft.  Please fix asap!

Right now the only temporary solution I've found is exporting my reports as PDFs and then printing them.  Not the most optimal but it works...most of the time.  Monitoring this and similar post for potential solutions.

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Can you try adding this parameter to your report? ?rs:Command=Render&rc:Toolbar=false 


And after that manually print either via Browser > Print page or Shortcut Ctrl + P


This worked for me. (on PowerBI RS)

Can you explain (or link) how to do that? Thank you!

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 ?rs:Command=Render&rc:Toolbar=false  add this at the end of the URL in your browser



Thanks for the answer! I added that to the end of my url and it doesn't work for me. I guess we'll just have to wait until MS fixes this.

New Member

Same problem with us. Even if you set it to Shrink to Fit, it still cuts off a lot of sections from the page. So annoying!

Having the same problem

New Member

I'm having the same issue in Brazil! It's seens to only happen in reports with graphics.

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I'm also noticing a similar issue with printing. The reports used to print to PDF fine until last week.

Something has changed recently as it seems to cut off most of the page recently. I've tried both Chrome and IE browsers.

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