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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Power BI Report Server September 2023 has been Released!

We are pleased to annouce the September 2023 update for Power BI Report Server. The release can be found on the Microsoft Download Center.


The changelog has been updated with the following information:


## September 2023

- **Power BI Report Server**

- *Version: 1.18.8668.33514(build 15.0.1113.162), Released: September 27, 2023*
- Features
   - Full-screen view for PBIX and RDL reports
   - Responsive navigation adapted to a small view port
   - Custom Visual API shipped with release - version v5.4.0
- Bug fixes
   - Fixed appearance of links in Document Map of RDL report


- **Power BI Desktop (optimized for Power BI Report Server)**
- *Version: 2.121.903.0 (September 2023), Released: September 27, 2023*
   - Support for September 2023 Power BI Report Server
   - New layout switcher from web to mobile layout
   - New bubble range scaling setting


We have added a new full-screen view for PBIX and RDL reports. This was a heavily requested feature on so we are happy to finally add it into the product this release.


As always if you encounter an issue please contact support and/or create a new thread with as much detail as possible and tag @Petebro or @v-alipat. We will try to reply as quickly as possible.

New Member


1) when I try to install this new version, after starting, I get a massagebox "are you sure you want to abort?" and then it doesn't matter what I click, the process freezes and can be turn off only through the task manager.


2) is there a fix for exporting data with the current layout to excel? for my company, this is a rather critical moment, and the competition is now set by QlickView, which does the same without problems when used locally.


Helper IV
Helper IV

Hello all,

I wanted to report a possible problem. Even when we deactivate the option to download underlying data in the Power BI Desktop file, the option is greyed out on the screen, but the button is available. So the export can be done.


thank you in advance for your feedback,



@vivien57 @Wybo_H Did you ever get this resolved? I've just encountered the same thing.

Hi MattTurnerN,

For me this issues was solved by changing a the setting on the PowerBI ReportServer.



This should be resolved in January 2024 and May 2024 versions. 

I have the same issue, is there an update on this one!

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

We were made aware of an issue with custom visuals that we are addressing and will be fixed in the near future.

Frequent Visitor


We upgraded to the Sept 2023 RS and have since encountered issues with a OKVIZ's 'Smart Filter Pro' visual.

The visual displays and behaves as expected in the Sept RS Desktop verson, but when the report is published to the Sept 23 RS the visual shows a completely blank panel. 
Is this a known issues? Can anyone advise a fix?

We need this visual as the inbuilt PowerBI slicer's behavour does not all us to use 'Select all' for only the values displayed in the slicer, similar to the issues noted by another user: Select All in Slicer (selecting hidden values) - Microsoft Fabric Community


Thank you, 


New Member

Is there any place where I can see a roadmap of upcoming features for the on-premise Power BI Report Server? Particularly I'm very interested when PBI Projects will be available. 

Frequent Visitor

Bom dia, 


Trabalho com o PBIRS e as atualizações são bem vindas, mas ele carece de muitos recursos importantes já disponíveis no PBI Serviço e que não vejo prazo ou avalição sobre a implantação, tais como:


- Atualização incremental (importantíssima);

- Uso de Scripts M e Python (importantíssima);

- Parâmetros de campo;

- Novo cartão;

- Fonte de dados sharepoint;

- Novas funções DAX e aprimoramento das existentes;

- Novos conectores a fontes de dados;

- Recursos do Power apps e power Automate;

- Recursos de IA;

- Dentre outros....


Entendo que a prioridade é o uso pelo PBI Serviço, mas gostaria de ver atualizações importantes ao PBIRS serem implantadas para trabalharmos com mais eficiência.
Espero que a microsoft possa minimizar a espaço de recursos entre o PBIRS e o Serviço. Obrigado. 

Advocate II
Advocate II



    I found that PBIRS 202305 or newer version will automatically send an track API "". There is a similar issue like this.


    Our environment is not allowed to connect to Internet, so this action will spend a lot of time waiting for uploading .pbix. Tha is, when uploading a .pbix, the server had to wait "track" API until it was time-out then finally finished uploading. It takes me about 90 sceonds for a file. 


    Is there any way to disable this API?

Telemetry can be disabled following the steps here:

Power BI Report Server Telemetry - Microsoft Fabric Community



    Thank you!! I turned off the request and i works, but I encounter another issue.

    I use web portal to upload .pbix. There are some differences when using catalogitems API.


    Example: (upload 1MB)

  • Request Sent: 6.46ms
  • Waiting for server response: 2.51s

    Example: (upload 3MB)

  • Request Sent: 243.42ms
  • Waiting for server response: 6.45s

    Example: (upload 22.7MB)

  • Request Sent: 34.09s
  • Waiting for server response: 8.36s


    As you can see above, the third one has a huge gap between the other two request senting times.


    I have checked my environment using the 22.7MB file:

  1. Copy and paste .pbix file from local machine folder to server folder  =>  It's really fast.
  2. Using Desktop for RS save .pbix to Power BI Report Server => takes about 2s

    Is there any configuration I can adjust?

Just to confirm the 3rd request is slow but is ultimately successful? 


There are some opperations that occur when the pbix is uploaded to PBIRS beyond just copying the file from location A to B. These opperations are optimized by desktop so that could explain why the same report publishing from desktop would be faster that uploading via the portal.  That gap does seem larger than I have seen in the past. However, if the opperation is ultimately successful it could be expected. Could you monitor to see if there is a pattern in the PBIX files you notice portal slowness with? It might required a support case to be opened with specific data/reports to reproduce the issue.


Yes, it is always successful, but really slow. 😅

Uploading files works fine and fast with PBIRS 202209 & 202301 version.

It must be some adjustments in "catalogitems" API since 202305 version.


So what information shall I monitor?

Regular Visitor

Hello @Petebro!
I have two questions after this update:

  1. Is there any plan to add the feature to export data with current layout to Report server.  It's possible in Power BI service. From what our organization can deduce it's not possible in Report server yet.
  2. Is there any plan to add the feature to save bookmarks for end users in Report server which is possible in Power BI Service?

1. This is a commonly requested feature and something we are investigating but there is no planned release timeline.


2. This will remain a service only feature.

New Member


1.- The changelog has not yet been updated

After installing (french version):

2.- the version displayed in a report server's web portal is "Version 1.18.8668.335142023 septembre 2022"
Why 2022 ?

3.- the shortcut for the previous version (May 2023) of Power BI Desktop has not been removed

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

This is an unfortunate side effect of timing. The cdn hosting the files takes up to 24 hours to propagate around the world. The front page will say September 2023 but it will point some users to the old version still. Can you check now and see if the new PowerBIReportServer.exe prompts you for an upgrade to September 2023 as expected?

Advocate II
Advocate II


    1. Is it possible to add this feature to Line Chart?  here

    2. Is there any plan to implement .pbip to PowerBI Desktop for RS?

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