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Advocate I
Advocate I

Select All in Slicer (selecting hidden values)

I've looked and seen several other people asking this general topic, with no good real world answer at this point, so I am going to ask again in the offchance someone found a good solution that I could not find on my own.  Picture attached is a simplified proof of concept of what I am trying to accomplish (and the problem).


Page has 2 slicers and a table.  I want slicer A (selecting stores) to filter slicer B to show Zip codes those stores are in.  Then I want slicer B to filter the table to show all stores in those zip codes.  Slicer A does not interact with the table, and slicer B does not interact with slicer A.


What we get is slicer A selecting stores, then slicer B showing the Zip codes.  When we hit 'select all' in slicer B, it selects ALL zip codes (even the ones that have been filtered out by slicer A). 


Has a way been discovered yet to make 'select all' not select the filtered options, or is there another way to quickly click and select all the zip codes in a slicer (without using select all).  Manually going down slicer B and selecting the zip codes one by one gives the correct Table at the end, but clicking 100+ Zips one after another is not an acceptable real world application.


Thanks in adavnce if there is a solution that I have not seen, or even if it is people just telling me that we are still stuck with select all still grabbing the filtered selections.


bi slicers.jpg


Community Support
Community Support


This is by design, select all option is basically selecting all value in the field. Slicer A filters the value to be displayed in the Slicer B, other unseen values are still selected but just not displaying. I would recommend you to just enable the interaction between Slicer A and Table visual.



Paul Zheng _ Community Support Team
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As I said already, it defeats the purpose of the slicers to have them interact like that for what I want them to do.  And you can call it a feature all you want, where it selects the hidden values in a filter, but to most people out there I can safely assume that we are all going to call it a bug or an oversight.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I told it not to.  In practice, this is 3 slicers.  I just made 3rd one a table to make the explanation easier on people.  In practice, Slicer A selects the target store chain, Slicer B Selects the Zip codes that chain is in (filtered from A), and Slicer C lets you select (after sorting by # of stores) competitive chains in the Zip Codes from B.

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Try disabling that restriction and see what happens

Defeats the purpose of the slicers.  Slicer A is for when I want to show data for target stores.  Slicer B is to just show stores in the zip codes.  And Slicer C (table) is to pick out the top competitors in those zip codes.


Slicers are what they need to be, just need to know if anyone has a way to make the select all not select hidden things, or a trick to select 100+ boxes faster.

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Curious question, why Slicer A does not interact with the table?

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