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Power BI Report Server Telemetry

Dear all,


I'd like to share information about disabling Power BI Report Server Telemetrie with you.


You may have already expected that sometimes you receive a message when opeing Reports WebSite where opening a site at "". So I've spend some time to get a deaper look in this topic.


Using IE Developers Tool and seeing scriptUsing IE Developers Tool and seeing script

After I check Telemetrie Settings within API via PowerShell:



For deaktivation you need to navigate into Windows Regitry and edit two entries.


After changing CustomerFeedback and ErrorReport from "1" to "0" for disable  I ran PowerShell again.



After changing Regitry setting API request looks different.


After that I did several runs of Internet Explorer with Developer Tools ans request about "" didn't occur so far.


Another thing I've expected was, that this only occurs when your systme has an active connection to Internet. When I disconnet my test system from Internet, request wasn't performed.


Another thing I've expected was, that when you perform an upgrade you need to re-check registry entries. After upgrading Report Server from 2018-08 to 2019-05 entries were readded to registry. Therefore you should add checking registry to your upgrade tasklist to keep it disabled.


Hope you find this helpfull.


Best regards


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Dear all,


I've opened a idea that Report Server just respect registry settings during upgrade. Feel free to vote for idea at




Advocate I
Advocate I



Thank you for sharing this.  I'm having issues related to Telemetry and want to disable the feature.


I'm a novice with PowerShell, So I struggling to get your Powershell command working. (I want to follow through what you're done and keen to learn).

I have:

((Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "http://servername/Reports/api/v2.0/telemetry" -method get -userdefaultcredentials)).properties


What am I missing before "((Invoke-RestMethod -Uri.." ?

I ssume I should use the full server url including "http://" Is that correct?

Are there any dependencies? Do I need to load any Power modules first?



 Just apply below registery patch, I tried it and it worked perfectly.


1. Make a new text file and copy this text to it:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




2. Rename it to patch.reg


3. Run it by double click on it.

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Hello @kiwipeet ,


no, I user native PowerShell commands without any modules running below PowerShell Version:

PowerShell VersionPowerShell Version


You need permissions to access RS API, if your account you are using doen't have permissions to access RS API you can modify command by removing "-UseDefaultCredentials" and replace with "-Credential domain\useraccount". Then PowerShell will not use current user but user you have entered.


Query RS APIQuery RS API

Using this query you'll query possibilities to access RS API. You want to query "Telemetry" values.


Query TelemetryQuery Telemetry

Then query "Telemetry" to get results. As you can see values are listed at "Properties" value.



When querieing "properties you should see RS Telemetry values.


Hope this helps.




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