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Power BI Report Server May 2023 has been Released!

We are pleased to announce the May 2023 update for Power BI Report Server.

The release can be found on the Microsoft Download Center


The changelog has been updated with the following information:


## May 2023

- **Power BI Report Server**

    - *Version: 1.17.8546.6252(build 15.0.1112.41), Released: May 26, 2023*

        - Features

            - Introduced new Accessibility property that let report authors to add accessible headers to tables and Heading levels to text boxes

            - Added ability to configure Cleanup Batch Size and Cleanup Max Limit

        - Bug fixes

            - Fixed issue with SAP Hana DQ Connection using integrated security in PBIX reports

            - Fixed Web Service page localization problem

            - Fixed issue with lack of permission on shared data source affecting loading of the containing folder

            - Fixed back page navigator button for PBIX reports in Hebrew browser language

            - Fixed slowness of Large MDX Query as an Expression

            - Fixed compromised characters on Row Level Security setting page

            - Fixed setting calendar days to a single day for monthly schedules


- **Power BI Desktop (optimized for Power BI Report Server)**  

    - *Version: 2.117.984.0(May 2023), Released: May 26, 2023*  

        - Support for May 2023 Power BI Report Server

        - Bug fixes


One thing to highlight is the new accessibility options available to RDL reports with this release. With new versions of Power BI Report Builder users will be able to assign heading options to text boxes and control which rows are assigned table header values to increase screen reader experiences.


As always if you encounter an issue please contact support and/or create a new thread with as much detail as possible and tag @Petebro or @v-alipat. We will try to reply as quickly as possible.


Hi @yjh, could you please tell us some details about what is failing for you? So that we can investigate it.

Not applicable


Frequent Visitor


Has anyone encounter or tried using field parameter feature in PBIRS with latest (Version: 1.17.8546.6252(build 15.0.1112.41), Released: May 26, 2023) updates. Does the field parameter dynamically change using multiple calculated measures or field categories in PBIRS. As prior to recent updates, the field parameter feature only worked in desktop and cloud workspace. Let us know if this fearture is available in latest updates and how it is going. 


Resolver I
Resolver I


Good news, however it would be very useful to specify what the bug fixes are in the Desktop, and if there are any enhancements. 


Frequent Visitor

Once I updated Power BI report server to this last update (May 2023), reports can not dispaly when the browser language is RTL> I posted the ticket as below

Hi @Abdullah10, thank you for reporting the issue! Passed it to dev team, and we will keep you updated about ETA for the fix.  

No surprises

When can I support exporting matrices? Next year?

This needs to be a feature ASAP - a lot of our users request this feature and to offer a rdl report to get this feature is ridiculous.

Microsoft updates the limitation at the bottom of this page.

It's really sad.


Honestly? Never. PBIRS will die a slow death.

Microsoft is going for a cloud-first strategy, that's ok, in large enterprises we don't need the latest features immediately (due to slower adoption in enterprises). But I'm afraid of a cloud-only strategy.
In large enterprises, it's typically not possible to move all workloads to the cloud for a number of reasons (limited size (compared to unlimited SSAS vs limited PBI Premium), security constraints, or cost).

We use both the on-premises (MSSQL+SSAS+PBIRS) and Power BI cloud service, and it's not possible to move to the cloud only. Also, independent studies such as Gartner MQ criticize Power BI for poor on-premise support in large enterprises.

We need long-term and strong support on-premises BI solutions like Power BI RS or SSAS.

Sad but true 

Whether to use the cloud version is the company's decision,

However, the functionality of the local deployment version is so outdated,

This makes us angry and helpless

Some companies do not want certain information in the cloud and thus we are punished by a crippled version of a great software.  Other options will be chosen if this continues.

We are also, and we are already selecting other products

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