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Helper I
Helper I

Import power bi reports really slow to open first time after refresh of data



I have a problem with power bi reports that takes a really long time to open first time after refresh (aprox 45 seconds).

After the report has been opened one time by any user it opens fast.

Seems like the model in the report is cached in report server

Is there a way around get around this problem? Have the report server to cache the model itself before the first user opens the report?




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

If the problem is ONLY with one specific report and others run fine - Are you using import mode or direct query mode? If it is direct query, and if you are using a query to retrieve data, I would run it against the database and if it works the same way against the database.

If the problem is with all the reports taking too long to run for the first time - Reporting Services goes to "sleep" after being inactive for a long period of time. Take a look for a potential solution -


We are using import mode.

All of the reports that have a lot of data are slow to run the first time. But after running one of the reports, the others reports that has not run yet will still be slow. So it is not a state for the whole report server, each report has to be opened one seperatly in order to open fast.

To me it seems like when the report opens, its model is cached in report server, the next time someone opens the report it will open fast.

We need something like a warmup script that opens all the reports, or, preferably, if there is a function in report server that handles this. Can't be only us having this issue. 

From your response, it is not clear if it is on report or all reports. As I mentioned before, reports in report server tend to run slow after a period of inactivity. Did you look at the article I shared?

I did read the link, I can't see that is the solution for our problem. I re-wrote my earlier reply. I saw it was quite confusing 🙂 Hope it is clearer now.

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