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Helper I
Helper I

Import hangs after upgrading to Sept 21

Hi, I've upgraded to Sept 21 desktop 64bit RS version and now I cannot refresh any of my data sources.  It hangs on the "Creating Connection in Model" screen.   


I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the May 21 version but this won't even gives an error on the splash screen.    Same for both 64bit and 32 bit version.   I've tried deleting the Power BI Desktop folder in AppData folder but it doesn't help.  


So i am completely stuck.  Any suggestions?




Hi, @wellf100  @pabeader  @josef78 


I have communicated with the Product Team, and this issue is working on a fix. Please wait patiently and I will post any updates here in time. Thanks for your understanding!


Update:Fix released ,Please download the latest version.

Download Microsoft Power BI Report Server- September 2021 from Official Microsoft Download Center

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey

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Advocate I
Advocate I


I'm facing the same issue since September 2021. Installing newer versions hasn't helped.

I wonder if checking the PBI Desktop settings could help.

I'm constrained to work with 2 machines: one for design, the other for importation because, curiously, the refresh is working in the latter machine.


HI all, i created this ticket and despite the updated Sept 21 and Jan 2022 versions being released, I was still unable to solve the problem.  This was until i was issued with a new pc a few weeks ago.  Now everything refreshes normally.  I believe the issue was something related specifically to the config of my old laptop.  Maybe .Net version or something similar causing the problem.  Other users in my company had the same issue but the updated Sept 21 versions released fixed their issues but not mine.....further evidence that something on my laptop was causing the problem.  


Maybe not much help to those who still have the issue.

Hi @wellf100 


Glad to know that you're no longer having this issue.

Could you please share your PBI Desktop settings related to data loading? I suspect there's a link between the settings and the issue. Here's mine



In add: when I cancel the loading, a SQLDUMPER.EXE screen flashes.





Hi All,


After all the attempts listed in this thread and elsewhere, I finally managed to have my data refreshed.

I changed the PBI Desktop February 2021 settings in my production computer, replicating most of the settings from another machine of mine where the August 2021 version is refreshing correctly.

I'm not aware if any .NET configuration or similar "extra-Power BI" settings have changed in order to make the refresh working again. By the way, here are the settings, just in case somebody want to try.








I hope this could help



Frequent Visitor

I have the same problem on the las version Desktop RS, 2.97.2222.0, it fails on load data to de model. Even with an empty pbix the most siple query ( a constant o parameter ) fail on load and get stuck.


Was the server updated also?  I had that issue until the server was updated to the September update.  Also, what does it days in the dialog that it seems to be stuck on?

The load never finish, till I cancel.

It happens in some machines, the same version of Desktop works in my PC, but when I try on a server 2016 it fails.

Maybe is a problem related to updates of other software, for example .Net Framework...


@senbey @pabeader 


Take a look at Processor, Memory, and Operating System Requirements:

Hardware and software requirements for installing Power BI Report Server - Power BI | Microsoft Docs




Try to update to the latest version:

Download Microsoft Power BI Report Server - January 2022 from Official Microsoft Download Center 


If you have new problems, Please describe your problem clearly and open a new thread, so that we will check the problem specifically for you.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey



But the issue is not related to Report Server, is about Power BI Desktop optimized for Report Server.
And yes, I created a new thread:




As long as RS is involved, it is an RS issue. Few people on the desktop forum know RS desktop issue. You'd better post it on the RS forum.

Community Support
Community Support



The two issues you raised in October are fixed in the latest version, please check.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey

morning janey, well i've installed the latest version and i can see that the last refresh date/time is back.  However when i try to refresh an existing dashboard it gets past the Creating Connection window but now hangs at the "loading data to model" window.....




yep. downloaded and installed this morning after seeing your message.



Does your report have a large amount of data?

Whether all reports can't be loaded?

it's all reports regardless of size.  Then same even when i create a new report with small dataset. I'll get someone else in the company to try also.



I will report your situation internally. And does anyone else in your company have this situation?

a couple of other users have tried and it seems to be ok for them.   we'll try a few more to see.  SO it could jsut be me still with a problem.

Post Patron
Post Patron

I too have had no luck with the 'updated' PBIRS client.  One comment I might add...

Have you let it sit for a 'long' time at the "Creating Connection" message?  What I found was that if you waited long enough, about the amount of time it would normally take to refresh, the message would go away and the data would be refreshed.  It's like it's actually doing it, just not showing the progress on the dialog message.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @wellf100  @josef78 


Good news!  The issue has been fixed in the latest version of pbi rs desktop, you can download it:

Download Microsoft Power BI Report Server- September 2021 from Official Microsoft Download Center


Did I answer your question ? Please mark my reply as solution. Thank you very much.
If not, please feel free to ask me.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey

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