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Resolver I
Resolver I

Error in visualization of custom visuals.

Hi all,


in one of my reports I need to use a custom visual (paraHTMLviewer). 


I can correctly managed it on Power Bi Desktop optimized for Report Server, but when I published it on Report Server, the following error appears--->


I mean, in english, "It is not possible to display this visual object." 

What is more, if I publish another report (actually not mine, but a sample downloaded from internet), the custom visual does indeed appear!! This is very strange, because I do not actually understand why in one report (downloaded) custom visual does work, while in another report (my report) not. 


I hope it is clear. 

Let me know for further details.





It is because the sample file is created by a previous version of pbi desktop rs.

This issue is only with the 2022 sep desktop version. You can use the 2022 may version to use custom visuals as a gap fit.

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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi everyone, 


Thank you for reporting the issue, 


We addressed the problem, and the fix will be included in the coming QFE December Release.

Till that time, you can try using a workaround: 

Add a URL parameter to your URL: ?consumePublicCvsWithoutRps=1 

for example:



The imported custom visuals should start working 


@Gianluca88 @cnschulz @jamiestevens44 @kanielwang1008 @jcaranibar 




Frequent Visitor

Has anyone heard if there will be a fix to this, rather than going backwards to the May 2022 Desktop installation?

No, I havent. I'd also like to suggest that this problem is NOT "solved". can we ask the OP @Gianluca88  to re-open it? In any case I cant wait around for this to get resolved. I dont want to version-lock all our reports so Im downgrading ASAP.

Hi @cnschulz ,


for me the problem is solved and, moreover, I dont' have the chance to "re-open" the issue. Obviously this is bug of Report Server and we have to wait for fixing it. Maybe is it convinient to raise a support ticket rather than keeping watching it?  In the meanwhile, we have to downgrade to the May 2022 version. 



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Gianluca88 ,

For the time being, there are some limitations of Report Server, with reference to the following:

  • Can’t create reports in the browser
  • There are no dashboards
  • There are no datasets, so no sharing between reports
  • Can’t create content packs
  • Can’t analyze in Excel
  • Can't have many-to-many relationships
  • No quick insights
  • No data alerts
  • No full-screen mode
  • No R visuals
  • No preview features
  • Less updates and improvements
  • Some custom visuals from the Microsoft Power BI Community do not work


And you could test publish it to Power BI Server,refer: 



Best Regards


@v-luwang-msft I am sorry but this answer is simply not appropriate. The problem here is that the *current* version of Power BI RS Desktop is not compatiblke with the *current* version of Resport Server (September 2022). You can not simply say that there are "some limitations" when this is clearly an API level mismatch with custom visuals, solved by downgrading to the May client. Its a bug and needs to be addressed ASAP. 

Hi @v-luwang-msft ,


thanks for your precious answer. 

Only one point turns out to be strange for me. Why the same custom visual works on PBIRS if it is a published from a report (say, A) and, on other hands, does not work if it is published from another report (say,B).  

Here you can download sample report A Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource where the custom visual does actually works on PBIRS. I don't understand why this sample report does not give me issues. 






Hi, are A and B PBI Desktop RS in different machines?

Hi @jcaranibar ,


no both in the same machine. I also tried to create from scratch a new report, but it does not work. Only the sample report I downloaded from Microsoft App Source seems to properly work.





It is because the sample file is created by a previous version of pbi desktop rs.

This issue is only with the 2022 sep desktop version. You can use the 2022 may version to use custom visuals as a gap fit.

Hi @kanielwang1008 ,

many thanks for your precious answer. I ll try and let you know.


Hi @kanielwang1008 ,


I tried with the version of May 2022 and it does work! 





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