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Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Browser Cache Issues



As per other threads, we've upgraded to August 2018 and experienced the infinitely spinning Loading icon due to outdated web browser cache.


I don't really want to suggest 400+ users clear their cache, is there any way of forcing a cache refresh across our network?



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Any update on this from Microsoft? A few of our users have experienced this issue and I don't believe that they will be the last...

Instructing 100 users to clear their cache and cookies is not ideal.

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Same here,


I just cleared my browser cache and it now deleted all the presets that I had on my Chrome (auto login, password setting, etc).


Does anyone know how to Target Power BI Report Server's cache ONLY and clear that without touching other ones?

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We are also experiencing this. It is a nightmare 😞 250 users.

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We are having the same issue here and it is also not feasible (embarrassing) for us to advise every single user to clean up their cache before accessing the reporting portal.



Hi All,


Our networks team were able to push out a group policy update that flushed the cache for Internet Explorer. This took 90 mins to roll out, or required users to log off/on again. It then required users to open and close IE again, before finally navigating to Report Server with a newly refreshed cache.


We also have Chrome users, however while I understand it is possible to do a similar thing with Chrome we haven't got this in place at our organisation and I'm having to advise users to manually clear their cache. Thankfully this is a small number of users so not a massive issue.


Either way this was a right pain in the backside, I was hoping Microsoft had a workaround (such as suffixing a version number to the src attribute of the JavaScript reference or something like that, which would force the browser to refresh the problematic scripts). 


Hope you manage to get it sorted in your environments.

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Same issue here!!

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