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Automating Migration between Power BI Report Servers using ssrs_migration.rss

Hello Community,

I am in the process of migrating content from one Power BI Report Server to another and am looking to automate this task to avoid recreating folder structures, permissions, and re-uploading reports manually. I came across the `ssrs_migration.rss` script provided by Microsoft and am considering using it for this purpose.

From my understanding, the script can:
- Migrate content elements and settings between Power BI Report Servers.
- Migrate various items such as Power BI reports, subscriptions, history settings, and schedules (provided SQL Server Agent is running on the target server).
- Migrate permissions if using the SECURITY switch, with specific limitations and considerations.

However, it seems that the script cannot:
- Migrate passwords, requiring a manual update of credentials on the destination server.
- Replace existing content elements with the same name on the destination server.
- Migrate historical information, although history settings are migrated.

Additionally, manual steps would be needed to manage name conflicts for existing items on the destination server and to verify roles and permissions, especially if a role already exists on the destination server.

I also noted that PowerShell Reporting Services commands like `Out-RsRestFolderContent` and `Write-RsRestFolderContent` can be used as an alternative or supplement for migrating Power BI reports.

I would like to ask if anyone has experience using the `ssrs_migration.rss` script for migrating content between Power BI Report Servers and can confirm my understanding of its capabilities and limitations. Also, are there any other recommendations or best practices for automating the migration process between Power BI Report Servers?

Thank you in advance for your insights and advice!

Best Regards,


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