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Helper IV
Helper IV

Authentication credentials not persisting

Hi, Im running the August 2018 PBIRS and having trouble with many reports not saving credentials. I have reports with two SQL server connections and one Excel connection via our HP/TRIM data store.  All connections use windows login credentials with the same username and password (This user has changed recently which may be important). The steps to reporoduce this erroe are as follows:


1: Observe the error that the username/password is incorrect.

2: Re-enter the username/password for the erroneous data source and press Test (=success)

3: Press save and manuallt run the scheduled refresh.

4: Observe that another (different) connection is reporting that user/pass is incorrect

5: Goto 2 - stay in this loop forever.


I *think* somewhere the old passwords are getting cached but I cant see how.


Has anyone encountered this? have a solution?



Frequent Visitor

I have a similar issue, everytime my password is updated (which is every 3 months due to company policy) and I try to refresh the data in my PowerBI or Excel Power Query, the connections to any Sharepoint folder get a Credentials error. When I try to update the password it doesn't seem to register and it gets stuck in a loop.

Frequent Visitor



I have the same issue.

4 connections, all test ok, but on refresh one will have authentication errors ( a different one every time). Go into credentials, update them. Test all connections, all ok, on refresh ..... 


The connections are 2 SQL, and 2 Oracle.



I have experienced a similar issue to this with multiple connections... In our case, when updating the credentials for a single connection and hitting save, it would cause issues for the other connections - this would be verified by immediately testing all connections after the update - some would fail.


To work around the issue I had to to enter the credentials for all connections of the report before hitting save - even if they were not edited.


Not sure if this is relevant to you.





Thanx, I found out something similar, I need to hit SAVE after updating a connection. Not updating more than 1 at a time seems to work. 



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