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Using the results of one Web query to hit multiple Web query endpoints

I'm trying to use the results of one web query to run a series of web queries, and ideally append all the results.  Here is the general scenario:


Web endpoint: ""

Returns: "London, Paris, New York, Tokyo" ... up to X results.  Could be hundreds.


Web endpoint: ""

is the list of results from the previous query.  There could be 1 to hundreds of endpoints we need to hit.

Returns: A list of rows and columns.  For example "SaleDate, Price, Item"


So I'm essentially looking for two steps.  Firstly how do I use the results of the first query to run multiple subsequent queries.  I understand how to do it if the Sales Regions are known in advance -- just create a bunch of static queries.  But I have no way of knowing what the first query will return and it could be hundreds of endpoints.


The second step is simply how to append all of these query results into one table, when the total number of queries isn't known in advance.


TIA if anyone can help at all!!!


Oh wow, thank-you.  Will take me some time to digest everything but I really appreciate this so much!


Parisadipiscing elitsed


Formatted in JSON of course.  The contents of the table are immaterial, what's important is that I:


1. I have to call a REST API that will give me a list of endpoints I need to query.  There is no way to know in advance what these endpoints will be, and there could be hundreds of them.   So I can't use hard-coded data sources.

2. Every endpoint will return a table with an identical number of fields, and all the fields are the same name.  I need to smash together all these individual tables into one large one.

See attached for the boilerplate code.


Sorry any chance you could elaborate a bit?  I can create a custom column that's formatted as a valid endpoint but what do you mean by "call" the endpoing?


So for example I've got a table that looks like this:





Calling each of those 4 endpoints will return 4 tables that all use the same schema.  But how do I actually call all of these endpoints in a query and how do I Append the results of all these results together into a single table if I have no way of knowing in advance what tblRegions will contain and it could be hundreds of records?


I'm sorry if I'm being really simplistic, I'm still very new to all this.

please post a sample response from one of these urls.

Super User
Super User

Convert the list from the first result to a table, then add a custom column that calls the web endpoint for each of the table rows.  Combine results as appropriate.

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