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The resource name isn't valid



I have recently used a Time Date Filter function by creating a Period table using the following function:


PeriodName as text,
StartDate as date,
EndDate as date,
SortOrder as number
) as table =>
DayCount = Duration.Days(EndDate-StartDate)+1,
DateList = List.Dates(StartDate,DayCount,#duration(1,0,0,0)),
AddPeriodName = List.Transform(DateList,
each {PeriodName,_,SortOrder}),
CreateTable = #table(
type table[Period=text, Date=date, Sort=number],


This created a Period table which in effect splices my data according to 

Current YTD, MTD, WTD and Rolling Week Month and Year.


All the data refreshes correctly via desktop mode however I always get an error when it refreshes using the network gateway and it keeps giving me this error:


Data source type: 
Data source error:The resource name isn't valid : Period.


I don't know what to do to enable it to accept the resource name and refresh the data online.


Any help would be much appreciated please?

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I still cant get this to work unfortunately - any ideas how to overcome the invalid resource error code? What normally needs to be changed (ie why does this error come up?)


Really appreciate any help on this!

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Super User

Is the function name "Period"?

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Oh - should I name the table the same name as FX name I used?


I indicated CreatePeriodTable under my FX name - but its basically a create table function.


I had renamed the table to Period though - will it help if I change the table name to mimic the FX name (CreatePeriodTable)?

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Oh never mind - it didnt allow me to rename the table to the same name as the function as it said a query already existed with that name.


Cant seem to understand then why it cant accept Period as the resource name for the table....

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