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RaaS API through Power Query

I am currently running a RaaS API that was built from a blank query. The RaaS API is connected and all data is loaded without an issue. I have created a reference table from this API connection and I am now running into an error when applying changes to the visual studio. 

All of the data is applied until it processes my reference table, which turns the status for all sources to "the given key was not present in the dictionary." This is an issue because none of my changes can be applied. 

What could be the source of this issue? Thank you. 

After loading the reference tableAfter loading the reference table

Community Champion
Community Champion

The error message "the given key was not present in the dictionary" often indicates an issue with accessing or referencing data within a dictionary or a similar data structure in your code. In the context of Power Query, it's possible that this error is occurring within the M code used to transform and load data from your RaaS API. Here are some steps you can take to diagnose and potentially resolve the issue:

  1. Review Your M Code:

    • Go through the M code in your Power Query Editor and review how you're constructing dictionaries or referencing keys within dictionaries. Look for any potential errors or missing keys that could lead to this error.
  2. Check Data Transformation Steps:

    • Specifically, check the steps related to your reference table. Make sure that you're using the correct keys when accessing data from the reference table. It's possible that the code is trying to access a key that doesn't exist in the reference table.
  3. Data Validation:

    • Verify the data returned by the RaaS API. Ensure that the data structure and keys are consistent with what your M code is expecting. If there have been any changes in the API response, your M code may need to be updated to accommodate these changes.
  4. Data Types and Conversion:

    • Pay attention to data types and conversion. Ensure that the data types are consistent between the API response and your reference table. Mismatched data types can lead to errors.
  5. Error Handling:

    • Implement error handling mechanisms in your M code. You can use try...otherwise statements to catch and handle errors gracefully. This can help you identify the specific point in your code where the issue is occurring.
  6. Debugging:

    • Use the "Formula Bar" in Power Query to evaluate specific expressions and variables. This can help you pinpoint the exact step where the error occurs. To do this, select a step in the Applied Steps window and then enter expressions in the Formula Bar to inspect intermediate results.
  7. Data Refresh:

    • Ensure that you're working with the latest data from the RaaS API. Sometimes, data changes can lead to errors during the refresh process. Refresh the data and see if the error persists.
  8. Contact Support:

    • If you're unable to resolve the issue after trying these steps, consider reaching out to Microsoft Power Query support or the provider of the RaaS API for further assistance. They may be able to provide guidance specific to your setup.

Remember to make a backup of your Power Query project before making significant changes, and document your code to help with debugging and troubleshooting.



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