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POWER QUERY Column of errors

Hi, i'm quite new in the employment of POWER QUERY, could you please help me with this idea I have?


I have a table of data, each row has the first column as element name, the following columns descibe all the info of each element, but sometimes in some of these "info-columns" I could have an "error" value, so that every row has in the following "info-columns" zero or only one "error" value among them.

Which is the easiest way to add an "Error column" wich contains "null" value if I have no error in the "info-columns" of that row, otherwise the name of the column containing the value "error"?


Thank you for your kind help and expertise!


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@Manoj_Nair Hi! Thank you for your advice, I have thought the same and I started preparing the column your way. Since the info-columns are like a dozen I also tried using the Table.SelectRowsWithErrors function but I didn't figure out how it works 😅

Kind regards!

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Solution Supplier

@Whitesheep- Hi, I'm assumption that you have three info-columns: Info1, Info2, Info3.


  1. Open your table in Power Query Editor.
  2. Go to the 'Add Column' tab, and select 'Custom Column'.
  3. In the 'New column name' field, enter "Error Column".
  4. In the 'Custom column formula' field, paste the following M language code:
if [Info1] = "error" then "Info1" 
else if [Info2] = "error" then "Info2" 
else if [Info3] = "error" then "Info3"
else null

replace Info1, Info2, Info3 with your actual column names. Add or remove lines as necessary to match the number of columns in your table.


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Best regards

Manoj Nair

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