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Need help having two, or more, users execute a power query

We have a complex Excel file performing an analysis of a customers data. The data is downloaded as an Excel file from a database. When one of us downloads the data the file is stored in a customer folder we all have access to on our shared Team Sites. The folder location and file name stay the same every time. Then, we have the analysis file in the same shared folder. When one of us builds a Power Query to get the data from the source file and load it to the analysis file it works just fine. But only the person who created the query can run it. If someone else on the team opens the file they can see the queries but cannot execute them. We get an error that says that part of the path cannot be found. When you look at the path it has the user name in it for the person who created the query. We are assuming that is the problem. Is there a way around this, or some fix? It seems crazy that everything is in a shared folder on a shared site but only the query creator can execute a query after it is built.

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Hello @alpines47 ,


Check this video it will help you with your case.


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Thank you for the help, but it did not quite solve my problem. It may be that I simply do not understand how to set up a dynamic parameter. Following the video I can now easily change the path so one of us can set-up a query and then another team member can edit the path and execute it. But we still need to edit the path. Our user name is in the path and that seems to be the problem. Whatever he is doing in the video does not seem to get me past that problem. When I get to the point of doing the drop down from the parameter icon the choice of parameter is already selected, so I cannot follow him from that point forward.


At this point I would say we are half-way home, but I am still shocked that a query set up to get info from a source file can only be executed by the user that set up the query? In other reading I have done people seem to suggest that anyone opening a file can execute a query that exists, but this does not work for us. We even turned on the feature to auto execute the query when the file is opened but even that only works for the person who created the query. This seems so stupid I keep thinking there has got to be something basic we are missing? Some permission setting?

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