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How to remove rows where one column equals x AND another column for the same row equals y?

I thought this would be a default behaviour for AND in the filter menu. But instead of finding rows where both column A equals x and column B equals y, it is filtering based on OR. The following code will filter each any values with "–" in the PART NUMBER column. Then it's like it does a completely separate filter after to filter out those that are null. How can I get it to treat this as an AND condition, in one operation?

= Table.SelectRows(#"Replaced Value1", each [PART NUMBER] <> "–" and [FILE NAME] <> null)


Super User
Super User

= Table.SelectRows(#"Replaced Value1", each [PART NUMBER] <> "–" or ([PART NUMBER] = "–" and [FILE NAME] <> null))

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