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How to make dynamic API calls with POST requests in Power BI using M Parameters and a slicer

Hi everyone,


I'm working on a Power BI project where I need to access an API using M Parameters. My goal is to make dynamic API calls by selecting parameters from the dashboard through a slicer. So far, I've successfully set up the connection to the API and configured the parameter (in my example below it is called PARAMETER), but I haven't been able to make dynamic calls to the API yet. I know it's possible to make dynamic calls for GET requests using the RelativePath functionality of Web.Contents, but I'm stuck on how to achieve something similar for POST requests.

Currently, I can only update the query from the dashboard via the following route: Home > Transform data > Edit parameters. However, I would like to do it directly from the dashboard using a slicer. Is there any way I can do this?

Thank you very much in advance for the support.

Here's my current query:



    headers = [
        #"Content-Type" = "application/json",
    Body = " { ""criteria"": """& PARAMETER &"""}"
    RelativePath = "somePath",
    options = [
        RelativePath = RelativePath,
        Headers = headers,
        Content = Text.ToBinary(Body),
        ManualStatusHandling = {400,404,500}
    Source = Web.Contents("main_url", options),
    Response = Json.Document(Source),




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