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Help with advance IF function

Hi Friends,


I was trying to insert "Last Result" using some Ifs Dax Function, but the result is always "Not Done" or Errors.

I just want to have in "Last Result" the last data in previous columns that are not "Not Done" and if all previous columns have "Not Done" so insert it.


I tried to search a solution in forum but I didn't find it.


Below an example table of what I want from my formula:



Thanks for all of you that want to help me.



Use below in a custom column in PQ

= [l=List.FirstN(List.RemoveItems(List.Reverse(List.RemoveFirstN(Record.ToList(_),1)),{"Not Done"}),1), r=if List.IsEmpty(l) then "Not Done" else Text.Combine(l)][r]

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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @Nycso94,


Add a custom column, add code below:

Replacer.ReplaceValue(List.Last(List.Select(List.Skip(Record.ToList(_),1), each _ <> "Not Done")),null,"Not Done")






Super User
Super User

Please can you provide an example table of the input data  and desired output report.

 You can do this using copy and paste.

Do not send a screen prints.
Tables are much better because can import date and create an example solution. 

Hi @speedramps ,

Thanks for your reply!


My raw data is like this table:

NameMay Survey ResultJune Survey ResultJuly Survey ResultAugust Survey Result
User1Not DoneNot DoneGoodNot Done
User2Not DoneGoodBadNot Done
User4BadGoodNot DoneNot Done
User5Not DoneNot DoneNot DoneNot Done


I want to create in PBI another column that has result of the last column with "Good" or "Bad" and if there isn't any "Good" or "Bad" insert "Not Done" (as the table that I sent in the post).



Use below in a custom column in PQ

= [l=List.FirstN(List.RemoveItems(List.Reverse(List.RemoveFirstN(Record.ToList(_),1)),{"Not Done"}),1), r=if List.IsEmpty(l) then "Not Done" else Text.Combine(l)][r]
Super User
Super User

Hi Nycso94

Try this  and click thumbs up and Accept As Solution please ! 


Last result =
VAR usermaxdate =

Surveys[Date] = usermaxdate
Super User
Super User

@Nycso94 Is that how your raw data looks? If so, I highly recommend that you unpivot your month columns in Power Query and add an index or something so that you can determine which rows are earlier or later. 

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Hi @Greg_Deckler ,

Thanks for your reply!


Yes, my raw data are that.

For my purpose is no matter if columns are dates or something else.

The importance is "Last Result" give me the last column (in orange table, because they are ordered correctly) that is "Good" or "Bad" and if there is no column with that 2 result so give me "Not Done".

Now I don't know if your suggest fit with my reply.


Thank you!


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