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Resolver I
Resolver I

Combining multiple CSV-Files from Sharepoint-folder, ErrorMessage 404

Hello there,

I am actually struggling with combining of CSV-files from one SP-Fodler to have one resulting table only.

Using the Combine-button on zhe GUI has no effect

Using my OneDrive as the source of the files there is no problem combining the files.


Actually I cannot determine what might cause the error, so I kindly request Tips and Hints on how to solve this.


  • The Sharepoint we use is not managed by my boss or by myself but by "the Mother"-Company
  • We use this t hold additional information in CSV or Excel Files to load from SP to PowerQuery and PowerBI for reporting.
  • On monthly base we receive CSV-files with evaluation of customer interviews from the previous month
  • All files are of the same stucture.
  • SharepointUrl is stored in Paratmer spUrl
  • Loading the files (total size of 11 Files < 100kb) was shown as beeing newly loaded for >24h.


The M-Code is...


   Source=Sharepoint.Files(spUrl, [API-Version=15]),

   /*  Filter to the folder containing only CSV-Files, this list can be seen in PowerQuery(!) */

   #"FilteredRows" = Table.SelectRows(Source, each Text.EndsWith([FolderPath], "monthly/"),
   /* Combining all CSV-Files from the folder to one table for further transformation in PQ/PBI, results in an error*/

   #"Combine Csv" = Binary.Combine(#"FilteredRows"[Content])


   #"Combine Csv"


Row #"Combine Csv" produces an error:

DataSource.Error: Fehler beim Abrufen von Inhalten von "'/sites/......../FileN..." (404) durch "Web.Contents": Not Found


I kindly request help on what to check.


Thank you very much in advance

Have a nice 3rd Sunday of Advent.






Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Your 3rd step with Binary.Combine is not correct. Delete that step and click on the double down arrows in the column with the binary content and go through the combine files wizard popup.




Microsoft Employee

Good Morning ppm1,

thank you for your answer.

I have got this Binary.Combine-Approach because the double-arrow button does NOT open the popup-window. That is why I have chosen this variation (insipred by this video) and asking for hints how to handle the combination properly.


Btw: the M-Code works for combining files out of my OneDrive, but this is bound to my login, not to the service user that we use.


Further ideas appreciated and welcome.




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