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Helper V
Helper V

Column from dataflow not showing values using the CDS connector



I have a dataflow with 2 entities inside it and for one of the entities named staging_DEV_RMS (Load Disabled), this is based on below query



 The second entity named Risk Register is referencing above entity and removes and renames few columns. 


The query for Risk Register (Load Enabled) is shown below



  Source = staging_DEV_RMS,
  #"Removed columns" = Table.RemoveColumns(Source, {"createdby", "createdonbehalfby", "exchangerate", "importsequencenumber", "modifiedby", "modifiedon", "modifiedonbehalfby", "overriddencreatedon", "ownerid", "owningbusinessunit", "owningteam", "owninguser", "processid", "stageid", "statecode", "statecode_display", "statuscode", "statuscode_display", "timezoneruleversionnumber", "transactioncurrencyid", "traversedpath", "utcconversiontimezonecode", "versionnumber", "crf7a_currentassessedexposure_base", "crf7a_currentmaximumexposure_base", "crf7a_currentminimumexposure_base", "crf7a_currentexposurecost_base", "crf7a_currentexposurecost2_base", "crf7a_maximumcost_base", "crf7a_minimumcost_base", "crf7a_mostlikelycost_base", "crf7a_organisationbreakdownstructure", "crf7a_postactionplanexposurecost_base", "crf7a_workstream", "crf7a_section", "crf7a_pmbexposure_base", "crf7a_postactionplanexposurecost_state", "crf7a_reporting", "crf7a_issue", "crf7a_postactionplanexposurecost_date", "crf7a_riskbreakdownstructure", "crf7a_risklevel", "crf7a_section4exposure", "crf7a_section4exposure_base", "crf7a_section_display", "crf7a_typeexposurevalue_base"}),
  #"Renamed columns" = Table.RenameColumns(#"Removed columns", {{"crf7a_cause", "Cause"}, {"crf7a_armid", "ARM id"}, {"crf7a_approvaltype", "Approval Type"}, {"crf7a_approvaldate", "Approval Date"}, {"crf7a_closeddate", "Closed Date"}, {"crf7a_comments", "Comments"}, {"crf7a_covid19impact", "COVID Impact"}, {"crf7a_criticalpathdaysimpact", "Critical Path Day Delay"}, {"crf7a_currentassessedexposure", "Current Assessed Exposure"}, {"crf7a_currentexposurecost", "Current Exposure Cost"}, {"crf7a_currentexposurecost2", "Current Exposure Cost2"}, {"crf7a_currentmaximumexposure", "Current Maximum Exposure"}, {"crf7a_currentminimumexposure", "Current Minimum Exposure"}, {"crf7a_currentprobability", "Current Probability"}, {"crf7a_effect", "Effect"}, {"crf7a_fishbone_display", "Fishbone Code"}, {"crf7a_float", "Float"}, {"crf7a_issue_display", "Issue"}, {"crf7a_maximumcost", "Maximum Cost"}, {"crf7a_maximumtime", "Maximum Time"}, {"crf7a_minimumcost", "Minimum Cost"}, {"crf7a_minimumtime", "Minimum Time"}, {"crf7a_mitigationsummary", "Mitigation Summary"}, {"crf7a_mostlikelycost", "Most Likely Cost"}, {"crf7a_mostlikelytime", "Most Likely Time"}, {"crf7a_organisationbreakdownstructure_display", "OBS"}, {"crf7a_pmbexposure", "PMB Exposure"}, {"crf7a_postactionplanexposurecost", "Post Action Plan Exposure Cost"}, {"crf7a_premitcritical", "Pre Mitigation Critical"}, {"crf7a_premitmaxtime", "Pre Mitigation Max Time"}, {"crf7a_premitmintime", "Pre Mitigation Min Time"}, {"crf7a_premitmosttime", "Pre Mitigation Most Likley Time"}, {"crf7a_probabilitypercentage", "Baseline Probability"}, {"crf7a_reporting_display", "Reporting Area"}, {"crf7a_retirementdate", "Retirement Date"}, {"crf7a_risk", "Risk"}, {"crf7a_riskid", "Risk ID"}, {"crf7a_risklevel_display", "Risk Level"}, {"crf7a_risktitle", "Risk Title"}, {"crf7a_risktype_display", "Risk Type"}, {"crf7a_status_display", "Risk Status"}, {"crf7a_triggerdate", "Trigger Date"}, {"crf7a_typeexposurevalue", "Baseline Exposure Cost"}, {"crf7a_workstream_display", "Workstream"}, {"crf7a_discipline_display", "Discipline"}, {"crf7a_riskbreakdownstructure_display", "Risk Breakdown Structure"}})
  #"Renamed columns"



When I connect to this dataflow from within PBI desktop, I dont see the values in column named (RBS) from within PBI desktop. It has all null values inside it.  However, when I open the dataflow (Power Query Online) from the PBI Service I can see the (RBS column) with all the values populated , shown below 




I have tried  below tweaks so far with no joy.


Note, WE DO NOT have POWER BI PREMIUM neither PPU in our organisation, only shared capacity with PRO License for users


1 Enabled Load for staging_DEV_RMS (bt when I do this it throws below message) saying computed entities are Premium only feature please move this workspace to Premium capacity


2 Refreshed the dataflow and saved and closed from the PBI service, started PBI desktop again using the Power BI dataflows connector, connecting to the Risk Register (which has its LOAD ENABLED) in PBI Service) but no luck, the column appears blank without any values.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @smjzahid ,

Sorry for replying late. 

For Question 1:

Please try to use Duplicate Instead of Reference if you want to enable the Computed Entity. Refer this article which introduces it in details: Workaround for Computed Entity in Power BI Pro: Dataflow in Power BI 



For Question 2:

After Question 1, please refresh the DataFlow on service to make data loaded into the entity. Then, click the "Refresh" button in "Navigator" pane. If still no data is shown, please clear permissions under "Data Source settings", and establish the connection to dataflow again.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li
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