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how to get facebook business manager data into power bi desktop


I have an account in facebook business manager, there we have list of webistes data (related facebook).


When I am using Power BI Desktop to get the data by using 'Facebook' option it is taking me to personal Id facebook.

But its not taking me to facebook business manager.

Please guide me how to get the facebook business manager data into power bi.



Nagarjun K


Helper III
Helper III

Hi, I think now the best solution to connect Facebook data to power bi is to use platforms which has free plans for a limited volume of data, it saved me a lot of hassle and time.
I've been using Windsor ai's  free template and data connectivity tools, it works magically for me.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I've build a custom data connector for Facebook Ads. It hides all the authentication logic behind custom connectors API.

You can just copy the mez file from into your
[My Documents]\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors directory
and enable custom connectors in Power BI.

The FacebookAds connector now supports two functions. The initial functionality FacebookAds.Campaigns() will return you the insights for your campaigns.


The second function FacebookAds.API(uri,params) is more of a credentials wrapper for the enitre MarketingAPI. You can tailor your requests as you want with it.

Hello @hugoberry and @MarianneElver 🙂

Did you guys find any solution ? 

I'm testing your connector but it's not working. I have same error as @MarianneElver.

If you need any help to test this connector, just tell me ! 


Expression.Error: The column 'Column1' of the table wasn't found.

Hi, right now this is due to a limit of FB accounts allowed to use this connector. An increased limit is expected soon. I'll update this thread when the use of the connector is possible again for more users.

Hello guys,

I've been following this topic from the beginning but I can´t get to connect both platforms in any way. Is there any update? I've tried as v 2.10 but neither. Can anyone give me any light about to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance

Not applicable

Hey @Frankie,


If you open Power BI Desktop and select a new data source of Web, and use the URL below (replacing "youraccountid" with a Facebook Account ID that's tied in with you Facebook API, and replace "youraccesstoken" with your up to date Facebook Access token), it should connect:


Then you'll just need to expand the list in the Query results, etc.


Within Facebook, you need to make sure your Facebook app is updated to the latest API version (currently at 2.12 or higher. See attached screenshot).


In the Facebook API setting, make sure your Facebook Ad Account ID is tied in with that App (you can check this and add it in your Facebook App under Advanced Settings).


If that's good to go, then within the Facebook App, go to the "Marketing API" - Tools - and generate a new Access Token that has "read_insights" and "ads_read". That should give you the Access Token you need.


Good luck and lmk.



FB API Version.jpgFB API Account ID.jpgPBI New Data Source - Web.jpgQuery.jpg



I've tried this but this is all the data I get. If i click into data->list, I get total data for my facebook ads -  there is no day-wise data. Is there any way to resolve this to have into load into power bi as a table and day-wise.







Hi. Are you getting this by using the connector from Scitylana? If not, you can try it here: It works fine for me now on several clients.

Thanks for your reply. That was from creating a Facebook app and generating a client token. 


I just tried using the Scitylana custom connector and all i get is null data from my facebook ad insights.



Please disregard the above. I've tried again and the connector works! Only issue I believe is that the connector doesn't have Website Purchases?

Hey @mpalha04, could you please share how did you fix this issue with the null data, I have the same problem. Thanks 🙂

Hi @george_p, I really just tried again and it worked haha... I would look to see if all your credentials are correct.

Is there a way to publish a report using this connector to PBI web service and set up automatic refresh?



Is the Facebook connector working properly? No data shows when I refresh the connector from my last save.



It works again. If you still have trouble, please check your security settings, which should be set to:


Security > Data Extensions > (Not Recommended)


If it still doesn't work, make sure you have the latest connector from If you update it, close Power BI and open it again. Your current connection should the be ok, but you can also make a new one to eliminate other possible errors.


Hope this helps!

Hi @MarianneElver,


I downloaded the latest connector and it works - thanks! However, I noticed that it is not feeding any data for Total Actions in the Facebook All Ad Insights table. 


Glad to hear that it also works for you. I've requeste website purchases on Github.

What I do to calculate ROAS, is to find the revenue on the matching campaign in my raw data. This ROAS is far lower than the ROAS that you can calculate on Facebook data alone. Cost per user is also a good benchmark to cost per click when monitoring campaigns.



Thanks Marianne! I'll look into the raw data. Please let us know when transaction data is available.

Hello guys,

I've been following this topic from the beginning but I can´t get to connect both platforms in any way. Is there any update? I've tried as v 2.10 but neither. Can anyone give me any light about to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance

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