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Separating multiple visualizations in a report into separate report pages in a web page

We have a report right now with the interactions working they way we like them, but we want to separate the visualizations into separate DIV's in our web app and still have them interact with each like before.   This is needed to layout the visualizations in a more responsive manner to the browser's width.


Currently, we reworked the report so each visualization is on a separated page.  Our web app then renders the report and sets the report a specific page.  This way we host all the visualizations in their own DIV.


Is it possible to get the visualization's interactions to continue to work this way?  Currently they are not communicating their interactions with each other.


Also the loading of the page is very slow compared to when it was a single report.  I'm presuming this is because its loading the data behind each report multiple times for each instance of the report I'm rendering.  Is there anyway to speed this up?




I don't think it is possible. As of now, interactions among pages is not implemented yet. You can sumbit your idea and vote idea on that site as well.

Thanks for the reply.  About the speed of the multiple tabs being loaded, currently I'm rendered 8 tabs in seperate report loads using Power BI Embedded.  I then select the tab I want to show in the report.  This works, but load times are extremely slow, about 20-30 seconds in some cases. 


Is there a good example of this being done with a single report showing multiple pages/tabs at the same time in a web page?  I'm wondering if there is a better way to load them or its just a limitation of the Power BI Embedded right now.


What's the data source in your report? Per my experience, when using direct query mode, it would slow down report rendering.

Also, instead of individual pages in one report, could you try to split the pages into individual reports? You can also debug the network request by developers tool(F12 in chrome) to find out the requests that consume massive time.


The slowness may also caused by geographic and network fact, I don't exprience such 20-30s slowness.

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