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Seeking opinions on DevOps datasets feed into Power BI

Hi guru,

I am trying to create a visualisation to provide Power BI (PBI) reporting for an agile run project implementation.

Our company is using Azure DevOps tool to run the agile project and hence, I can connect and extract the dataset from Azure DevOps to feed into my PBI visual reporting. 


My goal is to make this PBI report to be used in any future agile project implementation. However, there is a problem because the next agile tool that the next project going to use might not be AzureDevOps but very likely using JIRA tool.

Both JIRA and AzureDevOps are using the same business logic (i.e. as both are using Agile and Scrum methodology) in their software but the table structure setup (i.e. table name, structure, modelling) will be different among each other.


Hence, the PBI solution which I am going to build which initially to be based on AzureDevOps platform will fail if it is going to be used on JIRA platform in the future.


Questions -

1 - What kind of backend solution is required under such an environment where I am trying to build a PBI solution where it can work successfully in either JIRA or Azure DevOps? 

2 - Should I rebuild another set of similar PBI visualisation solution but cater to the two different tools as they have different datasets?


I am trying to go down to the path of no. 2 because PBI solutions I created for Azure DevOps (i.e. business requirements) will be similar to JIRA (in fact to any agile tool).






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