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Using Get-DataGatewayClusterDataSource in Powershell with Service Principal

Hi everyone !


I'm working on a project where we try to automatize the Gateways informations gathering. Make it non interactive.

For now, I successfully connnected to the service with the Connect-DataGatewayServiceAccount cmdlet with a SPN


Now my problem is when I try to get the Datasources in each cluster with the Get-DataGatewayClusterDataSource cmdlet, the result is empty and the following error returns :


>> TerminatingError(Get-DataGatewayClusterDatasource): "This cmdlet does not currently support service principals."


Do you know if ther's any workaround for this ? Because if we try to connect to the Gateways with a regular account, a first-party application pops for connecting the account, and it doesn't fit our need


Thanks in advance for any piece of advice !

Resolver I
Resolver I

As it currently stands, using gateway commandlets with SPN is not possible.


You can only call them with an account having PBI Admin role

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Hey @RakeshSinghr , thanks for your reply !


But then why does Connect-DatagatewayServiceAccount allows SPN ? Is there a chance that gateway cmdlets will be used with SPN in the future ?

Also, is there a workaround for this (Call an API ? Something else ? ) or to at least avoid the authentication window when connecting ?

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