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I am working on creating a Waterfall chart based on the word visual. It is possible or not. If how?

I have data like below.

ID Value1Value2Value3
S-2024012903103    55.44  7.74 3.37
S-2024012903104 56.29  7.67 5.76
S-2023081802986 7.76  32.75 55.42

I have sample data like above in my report. I need to show this data like in below visual.



What am trying to do in my visual is want to see the subtracted difference between two IDs for value1, value2, value3.
If selected ID column it is getting all the IDs in it. But I want see subtracted difference between ID. How show this for value1, value2, value3. If differnce is positive it need go above and green. if it is negative need go below and show in red.

Any suggestions and inputs are helpful and I want to know is is possible in power Bi or not. If not possible why? Thanks.

Super User
Super User

Please be more specific. What are you subtracting from what?

ID column is the distinct column. 

For exmaple I have three fields for DI Column S-2024012903103  

55.44  7.74 3.37


Need to subtract from the ID S-2024012903104

56.29  7.67



this differnce between these values need to shown in the visual for any two id when selected.

differnce between these value

I don't know what that means. Please show a sample calculation 

For ID S-2024012903103  Value1 is 55.44

For ID S-2024012903104 Value1 is  56.29


When user select first S-2024012903103 and second S-2024012903104
55.44 - 56.29 = -0.85 need to be showed in the visual in red below the 0 going down. If positive need show above the axis in green.

for that onyl i have added a refrence visual how the output need to looked 

And what about Value2 and Value3 ?

Need to do for all value1, value2, value3. I just  showed for value1

I don't know how to visualize that. Please show expected outcome based on your sample data.

Please find below If the Subtrcted is postive or need show like below.



I cannot assist you as I don't understand the issue. I hope someone else can help you further.

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