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How to save last refreshed copy

I have created a weekly report that refreshes automatically every week which we can use for meetings. 


I have an external and an internal workspace, I want my report's mastercopy in an internal workspace with the database that I can edit and refresh without impacting other coppies.


Plus, I want to able to save copies of just the reports for every week in an external workspace which cannot be edited or refreshed. This is what would be accessible to end user and not the master copy. 


For example;

Workspace 1 (internal):

Company - Database

Company Weekly Report 


Workspace 2 (external):

Company Weekly Report - Week1

Company Weekly Report - Week2

and so on...


What would be best possible action to do this?

New Member

@lbendlin Thank you for your response.

Actually the only problem is that my dataset is quite huge and I do not wanna publish multiple copies of dataset. Do you know if there is any other possibility to either break a live connection between report and dataset and make a static copy of the report instead?

Export to PDF?

First of all, my report consists of about 65 pages and power bi only allows export for maximum of 50 pages. Plus, nerd the report in pbix format as it's drill downs n filters which cannot be used in PowerPoint or pdf. Is there any other option?

Have fewer pages in your report  (If you use workspace usage metrics you can see who looks at which pages). Challenge the need for the snapshots (maybe keep the history in the dataset instead?). Spend your time creating insights, not shuffling electrons around.

Thank you for the advice but the power BI report is exact replica of the ones we have been using ever since our company started. We used to make powerpoint presentations on weekly basis with all necessary information. We decided to take a step forwards and automate the process. All the pages in my report are necessarily important and cannot be replaced. Now that I have made a dynamic report, we also need to archive the weekly reports. Thus, I need a static report.

All the pages in my report are necessarily important 

How do you know?  Are you running usage metrics on page level?


Create two versions, each under 50 pages. Export both manually.  Or archive the combined version manually.

Super User
Super User

You would need to manually create copies of the dataset (as PBIX for example). Creating copies of the report is not sufficient.

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