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Help Appreciated! Need assistance with Pipeline calls using REST API

Howdy, PBI Community! I am trying to set up a Power Automate custom connector to use for Rest APIs and can successfully run API calls like Get Dataflows with my current setup, but I always get a 401 error when trying to use the Pipeline APIs. About ready to pull my hair out and hope someone can help me. 😃


I'm trying to use the Get Pipeline and Get Pipeline Operations calls.




Here's the configuration in Azure:




Here's the custom connector configuration:




Super User
Super User

Can you successfully run some of the more mature calls like workspaces?  The Pipeline calls are very new and likely stilll buggy.

Good question. I can use some of the other calls, so I guess the next question would be: has anyone successfully used the Get Pipeline call with an app registration?

Hey @arpost ,

I can see deployment pipelines 




What happens if you use the Try It button on the Get Pipelines page? 



Are you using a service account? 

What happens when you try doing the Admin version?




Admin - Pipelines GetPipelinesAsAdmin - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn

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Proud to be a Super User!

Hi Watsky, how are you pulling all pipeline operations using the PBI template, I use SPN which has admin privileges, but API is failing with pipeline access denied error.




Thanks for the reply, @Watsky! Good question. I am also getting a 401 when trying to use the Admin API you linked. Anything pertaining to pipelines fail for me despite the fact that I am an admin.


When I use the Try it! feature, I get a response as expected, which suggests to me there's a problem with the app registration in Azure. But I can't figure out what it would be since (1) other API calls using that app reg. work just fine (e.g., Get Groups, Get Dataflows) and (2) I have enabled all permissions pertaining to Pipelines (except Deploy) as instructed by MS doc.




Very frustrating!

Check your auth token with - might be a missing scope.

Thanks for the reply, @lbendlin. With MS custom connectors, they manage the tokens; I just provide some of the details for the app reg; the scope I am using is openid.




You can raise an issue at . If you have a Pro license you can consider raising a Pro ticket at

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