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Forge Viewer in PowerBi load and unload a model.

I am currently using a tutorial I found to put the Forge Viewer into PowerBi. And in this the URN is hard coded into the script. What i want to do next, now that i have the viewer working in PowerBi, is be able to load and unload a model based on the list of models that i have.


Currently in PowerBi i have a list of my model that i have along with their URN's. I want to be able to click on this list that is in PowerBi and update my Forge Viewer. So far what I've added is code to unload a model, now i just need to find a way to load another model dynamically. This is what i have for unloading a model that i have add to the visual.ts file.






         this.forge_viewer.unloadDocumentNode = function (manifestNode){
         //if model is in memory, just unload it.

         let model = this.impl.findModel(manifestNode, true);
         if (model){
             return true;





 Can someone guide me in the right direction or show me how to load a model in the way i decscribed above? if that isnt possible would there be another way?


Thank you in advance.

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I'm sorry to use your topic, but it is hard to find people working on the same project.

I am following the same tutorial: Did you manage to complete it?

and i am having troubles in creating building the visual.

did you use 

npm i -g powerbi-visuals-tools@2.5.0 ?

 what version of

npm i d3 , npm i @types/d3npm i core-js and npm i powerbi-visuals-api did you use?

The microsoft tutorial makes yo install specific version but i think i have to install others, i just can't get which. 

And last, what is your version of node.js? this is the error i get trying to run pbiviz start

Thank you if you can help me


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I'm sorry I dont have any answer to your problem.


But I am currently following the same tutorial and I'm having trouble at one step for the Excel-forge properties.


Can I contact you to ask you a question to help me with the process ?


Thank in advance

J Mols

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Hey, I too could not get this to work on myside, my plan is it use the datamanagement and model derivative api to get the information that pertain to the revit files.

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