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Error while creating a new datasource on a gateway using REST API

Request Body:


"datasourceType": "File",
"connectionDetails": "{\"path\":\"D:\\\\temp\\\\folderName\\\\dataFolder\\\\custPayData.xlsx\"}",
"datasourceName": "data_source_test_1_api",

"credentialDetails": {
"credentialType": "Windows",
"credentials":"{\"credentialData\":[{\"name\":\"username\", \"value\":\"DomainName\\UserName\"},{\"name\":\"password\", \"value\":\"password\"}]}",
"useEndUserOAuth2Credentials": false,
"encryptedConnection": "NotEncrypted",
"encryptionAlgorithm": "None",
"privacyLevel": "None"


Response :

"error": {
"code": "DMTS_InvalidEncryptionAlgorithmError",
"pbi.error": {
"code": "DMTS_InvalidEncryptionAlgorithmError",
"parameters": {},
"details": [],
"exceptionCulprit": 1






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Same issue here. Considering that this post is already half a year old, has anyone found a solution to this?

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Found a solution to this. 


You need to encrypt your credentials first, before you can make the API call. Encryption method in C# is described here:


encryptionAlgorithm should be set to "RSA-OAEP"


See my stackoverflow post here:


I am going to try and build a JS / Node based encryption function and will post here when successful.

Do you have a update?

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Joining in on the party. I have the same error when trying to add azure sql db's as datasources.


I can set the encryptionalgorithm to RSA-OAEP to avoid this error but then I get a 


{'error': {'code': 'UnknownError', 'pbi.error': {'code': 'UnknownError'}}}


Possibly because for cloud datasources it needs to be set to none according to the docs. But maybe it can help you to set EncryptionAlgorithm to RSA-OAEP (only accepted value according to docs) and see what happens.

Hi , 
I am  able to connect to odata source if it is of type "https" , but cannot connect to "http", I am getting same issue as above. 

is "http" considered as on premise connection?


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