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Helper II
Helper II

Embed Power BI report into SharePoint Online - Web part options not working



I have created a report in Power BI Desktop.  It has two pages.  I publish this report to Power BI.  Then I get an embed into Sharepoint Online link.  When I add the web part to Sharepoint Online and paste the Power BI Report Link, I do not have the ability to select any Page Name, Display, or Show Navigation Pane options.  There is nothing in the Page Name drop down selection field.    I am looking to select a specific page name to display from my report but it is not possible.  Can you please help?  Thank you.

Regular Visitor

For me, using Internet Explorer WORKED. 

Thanks @Bosko 

Unfortunately for me that didn't help, however I did find a different solution (the PowerBI/Sharepoint integration seems quite buggy). Here is what I did:


1. Click edit your sharepoint page

2. Add a second Powerbi report web part which is a duplicate of the one you want to adjust the options to hide the navigation or filter panes. This duplicate you will also need to paste in the report link so that it is a working duplicate.

3. Click save draft for the Sharepoint page.

4. Click edit sharepoint page again

5. Click on your duplicate PowerBI web part and open up the edit pane for it. But dont click any options.

6. Next click on the original PowerBI report that you actually want to edit (the edit pane with options remains open). You will find you can now turn off the navigation pane or filter options for the original PowerBI web part!

7. Click save your sharepoint page as draft. You might find the duplicate has disappeared (very buggy I know!). Or if duplicate has not dissappeared, then just click edit your page again and delete the duplicate without touching your original.


Good luck, this is a little crazy but it seemed to work.

I think I found a work around to this.  When the options appear on the right, I paste the embed address into the “Power BI report link”.  Then I click repeatedly on the other options (like Display) as the page is refreshing and saving the draft.   After the page finishes the refresh and saves while I am clicking, the options are now available to be selected and changed for the Power BI web part.  This work around appears to work 100% of the time for me.  

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I am also having this exact same problem. Things were working fine up until a week ago.

Whilst the report does show in the web part, you cannot edit the PowerBI web part or choose the options!

Could someone at PowerBI talk to Sharepoint about the issue?


Helper II
Helper II

I am still having problems with this issue.  I have created reports from scratch, published them, and then insert them on my SharePoint page using the Embed to Sharepoint link.  At first the options for page name, display, and filter/navigation options appear but then they go blank as soon as I click on them to change them.  Can anyone help?

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