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Call Power BI Rest API from Power BI Desktop



Would really love to see this works since i cant even think about all the possibilities. 


Is it possible to call Power BI REST API from Power BI desktop? 

I am creating admin documentation and listing all datasets within my tenant and want to join these to used Gateways. I dont want to list all manually since there are around 40 Gateways and a couple of hundred datasets.

My test was to create a function in Power BI desktop which retrieves Gateway ID from my list of datasetID from Power BI REST API -


BUT, it dont allow access when i try to invoke the function over the table of datasetIDs, 



Is there something else handy i could do to get all of this information? Or am i thinking about this completly wrong? have googled alot but nothing unfortunatly so now i turn to the almighty community.


All the best



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