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401 unauthorised when calling API client.Group.GetGroups()

We are embedding a report in a website using the "User Owns Data" method as described here
When we attempt to access the report using a AD guest user, we get a 401 unauthorised exception when calling the client.Groups.GetGroups() API call.



  • This embedded report is successfully working when we log in as the user who published the report and owns the workspace.
  • We have added the guest user to the organisations active directory via invite guest
  • the guest user is from an external azure AD and is not using a social account.
  • This guest user has been allocated a PowerBI Pro license as outlined in
  • The guest user has had the report shared with them.
  • The dataset has been set up with Row Level Security which has been configured for the guest user.
  • The guest user can access the report by using the link for that report (from the share screen) i.e. "[Report Guid]?ctid=[Guid ????]"
  • The guest user can not access it from the "WebURL" of the API GetReport response i.e. "[report guid]"
  • We have attempted to just get the report (in case it was listing groups that was the cause) but client.Reports.GetReportInGroup(groupId, reportId) also causes a 401.
  • Authenication for all users is via
  • We have checked permissions for the registered app and have granted everything but the ones marked "requires admin"


At this point I'm not sure if this is a bug or I've missed something or we are trying to do something that is unsupported, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Helper I
Helper I



Did you solve this? I have the same issue.

Unfortunately no.  We ended up changing directions shortly after this was raised and decided not to embeded the reports. 

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