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Super User
Super User

bookmark not working when using selected visuals

i have 2 visuals on the page line chart -->  A and table --> B.
i want to create 2 bookmarks.
bookmark one :  default filters :  save the state of only the visual A on the page  :  Date between Date 1   and Date 2
bookmark 2 :  remove all filters : save the state of only the visual A on the page where no filters appled. 


my steps are : 
Bookmark 1 : 
step 1 : add Date filter to the filter pane in  :  Filters on this page. 
step 2 :  selecting the dates that i need to filter the visual A with.
step 3 : select visual A from the selection Pane .
step 4 :  click on new bookmark from the bookmark pane .
step 5 : uncheck everything exept data,  and selected visuals.
step 6 :  click on update while maintaining the selection on the visual A. 


Bookmark 2 : remove all filters
step 1 : clear filter Date in filter pane.
step 2 : select visual A from the selection Pane .
step 3 : click on new bookmark from the bookmark pane .
step 4 : uncheck everything exept data,  and selected visuals.


 step 6 :  click on update while maintaining the selection on the visual A. 

but it didnt work .

however, when i check  "all visuals" instead of "selected visuals", it works fine. however, i need to use selected visuals.


does anyone has an idea on what is happening ?  and how to fix it ? 



New Member

I'm facing the same issue. Does is there an update on how to fix this?

Hello @stanvn ,
i find a solution. 
it turns out that first , you should change the bookmark from "all visuals" to "selected visuals", 
then you should select the wanted visuals,  then you need to update the bookmark.

the order mentioned above is important for it to work.

another note is that you should select the visuals one by one, so if per example you grouped multiple visuals together, you cant select the group from the selction pane, rather you need to select individual visuals.

hope it helps.

FWIW, I'm not getting this to work when I follow that order of operations.  Whenever the bookmark is set to "selected visuals", it no longer seems like it's updating at all and getting the desired filter added to it.  So when I click into it, it doesn't do anything.  But when toggling back to all visuals, it works as expected and I can re-assign various filter configurations to the bookmar.

this is the way it works for now. 

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