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Vertical Alignment in matrix or table visual



I would like to vertically align my text in a matrix or table visual but i cant find how to do it.

The text should be around the black line;

should be.png



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


Based on my research, it is not supported yet currently. There is an idea about that you can vote it up to make this feature coming sooner.

Community Support Team _ Frank
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the others find it more quickly.

View solution in original post

Regular Visitor

No idea why this is marked as Solved. Still unavailable 5 YEARS later.

Hey there! Don't forget the message below:


Hey everyone, check this out! The original poster was so impressed with this forum thread that they turned it into a focused idea and marked the question as solved. This shows how engaging and successful forum conversations can be. Let's take this idea to the next level by voting for it. This idea is open and ready for your support. Get out there and cast your vote to show your support!

@edupuis @Jyaul1122 @u035546 @Maria1983 @Maria1983 @Dennisblink 


See the ralated post for inspiration, and a challenge to engage in Voting up an Idea!

Frequent Visitor

MAY 2024... and this below basic feature is not available yet !!

Advocate II
Advocate II

April 2024 and this basic, basic feature is still no where to be seen 😞 

Frequent Visitor

still not available feb 2024

Regular Visitor

October 2023 and still not solved

Advocate II
Advocate II

How is this still unavailable?  Pretty basic.  


Love the Pokemon table example though!  🙂

New Member

August 2023 - still no solution

New Member

I completely agree... I am trying find a solution from past few days, I didnt find anything. if anyone have idea please do let me know.

New Member

Dec 2022.. still waiting

Advocate I
Advocate I

Dear Microsoft


I find it pretty shocking that this issue is still outstanding to be honest. This is one of the most basic formatting requirements I can think of, I am very surprised Microsoft did not address this during the original development of Power BI, but the fact this remains outstanding is very frustrating. 


Power BI is marketed as a world-leading BI visualisation tool, and it is already challenging to win-over our colleagues and business users to move away from their old-faithful trused tools of SSRS and Excel and adopt Power BI so our organisation can have greater governance and accuracy of our data, and basic visualisation limitations like this do nothing to help in that goal.


Come on Microsoft, surely it cannot be such a dificult problem to solve that would justify leaving this outstanding for over 3 years since this was first posted!

Regular Visitor

Why is this marked as solved?
There is no solution here....

They do that. They class a suggestion to put in a suggestion to PBI as 'solved'. Why do we even have to say it? Vertical Alignment, numerical column widths, ability to format ALL fields in a table at once; being able to lock individual elements on a page. Not all elements at once (used by who, when?). Probably the same guy using a nice gradient of blue as a useful conditional format :), etc. Simple stuff. They keep bringing out new 'features' that you know took hundreds of hours in development, and are usually worse than useless, but they can't fix this? Sorry, PBI rant. Almost a daily occurence now.

New Member

Dec. 2021

Nothing yet?

It's been several years now and Power BI still does not support cell content vertical alignment, a basic feature found in many other visual tools. This lack of support is causing users a great deal of frustration and making it difficult for them to create visually appealing reports.

In this day and age, it's unacceptable that such a crucial feature is still missing from Power BI. As a result, it makes it harder to sell Power BI as a viable solution to potential customers. It's time for Microsoft to step up and provide users with the necessary tools to create professional and visually appealing reports.

Please consider implementing cell content vertical alignment in a future update to Power BI. Your customers will greatly appreciate it.

Helper IV
Helper IV

Still waiting in Sept 21

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It's really frustrating...

It's a common and basic feature.


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still waiting in june 2021

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I'm from the future and we're still waiting for this feature too...

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