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Using two columns in Switch Function

Hello, I was hoping someone could help me please


I have a Switch function something like this :

'Mytable'[Stuff] = "ddd" , "Dave" ,
'Mytable'[Stuff] = "sss" , "Sarah" ,
'Mytable'[Stuff] = "kkn" , "Kev" ,
'Mytable'[Stuff] = "mll" , "Mo" ,
'Mytable'[Substuff] = "DIV, "VLAD",
'Mytable'[Substuff] = "DIVsss", "VLAD",
'Mytable'[Substuff] = "DIVmll", "VLAD",


I want to be able to say that if a row in substuff contains mll for example and a row in stuff contains mll , then switch to VLAD


How would I do that please? At the moment its only taking the argument from the Stuff column


Thank you


Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Hi @Pricey79 ,


I think you could use the AND() function. Try someting like the following measure:


Measure =
    AND( Mytable[Stuff] = "mll", Mytable[SubStuff] = "DIVmll" ), "VLAD",
    AND( Mytable[Stuff] = "sss", Mytable[SubStuff] = "DIVsss" ), "VLAD"


If I answered your question, please mark my post as a solution.



@Alf94 thank you for taking the time to reply.

Just to check , Can I carry on the rest of the switch with normal conditions? For example, if my table[stuff] equals mll but [substuff] doesnt, then switch mll to something else?

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

@Pricey79I am not sure what you mean by "switch mll to something else".


You can write different types of conditions in your switch statement:


Measure =
    AND( Mytable[Stuff] = "mll", Mytable[SubStuff] = "DIVmll" ), "VLAD 1",
    AND( Mytable[Stuff] = "sss", Mytable[SubStuff] = "DIVsss" ), "VLAD 1",
    Mytable[Stuff] = "mll", "VLAD 2",
    AND( Mytable[Stuff] = "mll", Mytable[SubStuff] <> "mll" ), "VLAD 3",
    OR( Mytable[Stuff] = "ddd", Mytable[Substuff] = "DIVddd" ), "VLAD 4"

where the "<>" symbol means "not equal".


Let me know if this answers your question.

@Alf94 thanks for your time again. Let me see if I can explain it better


In the data there is a column called Name and its entires look something like this:


AAA - MLL- Answer

AAA- MLL - Correct

AAA- SSS- Answer


I have this split this colummn by delimiter using the - and just left the column as the middle characters (MLL, SSS etc) 

This is now called stuff. The switch then says if stuff is MLL then called it Mo , if SSS then Sarah.

The other column called Substuff has the original data in so :

AAA - MLL- Answer

AAA- MLL - Correct

AAA- SSS- Answer

I want to add to the switch that if this column has "Answer" in it, regardless of the MLL or SSS, then call it VLAD


Does that help?


Thank you

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