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Table visual: only show data with most recent date

Hello community,

I have a table with data from various download dates since I need to show the development during the month. This is working fine.

I need an addiditonal table visual now, based on the same data, where only the most recent records is shown. 
Here an example:
Extract from data in table WIP:

Download DateReporting PeriodOrderTypeProductCompanySystemStatusObjectOrderTextInstallationLast cost agingPCA_WIPCustomerNameOrderStatusCoordinator
31 Dec 202131 Dec 2021ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef111.589example LtdNoBillSam
31 Jan 202231 Jan 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef3102.921example LtdNoBillSam
28 Feb 202228 Feb 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef12147.044example LtdNoBillSam
31 Jul 202231 Jul 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef2099.999example LtdNoBillSam
31 Aug 202231 Aug 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef13101.120example LtdNoBillSam
30 Sep 202230 Sep 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef9101.164example LtdNoBillSam
09 Nov 202231 Oct 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef40103.923example LtdNoBillSam
21 Nov 202230 Nov 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef5103.989example LtdNoBillSam
09 Nov 202230 Nov 2022ZS03AxyNot TECO11149571abcdef48103.923example LtdNoBillSam

User uses slicer on "Reporting Period", e.g. Nov 2022 and the desired output should be as below. Meaning only Reporting Period Nov 2022 and the most recent Download Date. 

Download DateReporting PeriodOrderTypeCompanySystemStatusObjectInstallationLast cost agingPCA_WIPCustomerNameCoordinator
21 Nov 202230 Nov 2022ZS03xyNot TECO11149571def5103.989example LtdSam

Can somebody please help me how to get there? Thank you!

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@amitchandak thanks for your quick reply. I understand the logic for getting most recent data into a measure, but I have no idea how to show this in a table visual. Would it be possible for you to elaborate on this, please?


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