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Helper II
Helper II

Table relationships



in my model I have a Date table, using it a slicer, Employee table, using it for usercode. there are 2 different tables for Sales and Returns. I created the relationship between the Date to Sales & Returns to filter the monthly sales and returns. Also created a relationship and connect Employee to Sales & Return to show the employees' name rather than the codes and also be able to filte the names in the report. the relationships are 1-* and single. Now that I run the report it works well for the returns but not for the sales, the numbers are blank. Please advise me.



Date(Date and Sales Table) is the culprit. Make sure that you have matching records for Date.

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Resident Rockstar



Is it possible to share your model diagram? Your result screenshot?




The right side should show the sales diagram and numbers which are blank now.


You should set up the Employee table to have a one-to-many relationships with both fact tables instead of many-to-many.

Also, can you post the measures you are using in the visuals?

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I did change that still not working


Upsells = CALCULATE(COUNT('Sales'[ActivityCode]), FILTER('Sales','XDAT-Upsell'[ActivityCode]= "UPSE"))



Is it possible to share the pbix file (without any sensitive info)?

 Yes, can I have your email address?


X-DAT and Upsells are calculated measures?

yes they are.


Date(Date and Sales Table) is the culprit. Make sure that you have matching records for Date.

I changed the data type of the Return table in Power Query and it worked.

I ensured that the Date column, EffectiveDate, and EnteredDateTime in the three tables have the same data type and format, and there are matching records for Date. Still no result.

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