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Table Visual - Prevent unfiltering on row click

I have a report with a pie chart and a table.  Selecting a slice of the pie chart filters the table as expected.  However, even with interactions disabled from the table, when I click on any record in the filtered table, all filters are reset resulting in all table records being shown. 


Is there any way to prevent this from happening?    The current behavior causes me to lose my place and have to re-apply filters.  The reason I care about clicking on a table row is because I'm using the dataSelected event to trigger an exteral application via Power BI embedded.

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Hope you are doing well and safe

could you please let us know if are able to find the solution for this issue.

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Did anyone ever find a solution outside of the "invisible card layer" trick?

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I'm running into the same cumbersome issue. As you have said, it can be avoided pressing Ctrl+Click, but users of this report won't do this, I'm sure, so the only workaround I have found is setting an invisible card layer above the table to prevent users from clicking on it. Is is planned to work on this issue?



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Thanks for the reply. Ctrl-click does preserve the position but does not trigger the data selected event so it’s just a partial solution. I think this may just be a limitation of Power BI and additional functionality is needed to preserve filters on table clicks.
Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

I ran into the exact same issue and I'm surprised this hasn't been more significant of a complaint before. I have the table filtered perfectly down to how I want it, but then when I click on a row it messes everything up. Even when I have all interactions with other visuals turned off. 

Im having the same issue and i also think it is a significant Issue, what can we do to amplify the message? How are people getting beyond this problem?

The only workaround right now is to hold ctrl while you click 😕 

I posted a similar question and got the same not very helpful response of clicking ctrl.  Its fine if you know this, but users using the report...

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @9024gnsd,

Could you please tell me if your problem has been solved? If it is, could you please mark the helpful replies as Answered?



Daniel He

Community Support Team _ Daniel He
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Microsoft Employee

Hi @9024gnsd,

Based on my test, you could use the Ctrl+Click to locate your filtered data.




Daniel He

Community Support Team _ Daniel He
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Of course this was not solved. Quite anoying. Using CTRL key is not a solution as users don't know this and this is actually allowing users to select multiple records in the table. Replacing the table with a slicer is not a solution as users cant see other useful attributes. If clicking on a table should reset the abobve selections as it is happening now, then the table visual should include an option to not reset the selection from the other visuals, while an user is clicking on the table. Otherwise this "feature" of reseting the selection can be considered as a bug as no interaction was set from the table visual to remove the selection from another visual.

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I have had a similar issue,
2 table visuals
tbl_test1 and tbl_test2
tbl_test1 filters -> tbl_test2
when clicking on a row in tbl_test2 it resets the filters (very annoying)
My partial solution was to create a measure that takes the SELECTEDVALUE() from tbl_test1 and do an IF statement comparison and if result is true it is 1 and false is 0



IF(VALUES(tbl_test2[Column1]) = [selected_value]),



Since we are in a measure, the context is column so you have to protect the IF statement by surrounding it in another IF statement
to check if there is more than 1 value returned.
The full expression is



Measure = IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES( tbl_test2[Column1] ))=1,
IF(VALUES( tbl_test2[Column1] ) = [selected_value] ,
1 ,
0 ),
2 )



So when I click on a row in tbl_test1 the matching rows in tbl_test2 get a 1 and the rest 0.
This works well.

Since slicers do preserve the filter I figured I could just set a slicer to the Measure column in tbl_test2 and make the default value 1 and then hide the slicer.

But... you can't set a slicer to a measure column because of course why would you want to do such a silly thing.

So this is simply not something that Power bi is capable of sadly.

In the end I just set a slicer next to table 2 and based on the results from table 1 the end user
can make a selection in the slicer to see the data they want.

Kind of dumb, but the only way.


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