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Shopify Data Modelling



Has anyone built a data model using to shopify tables. Should i merge the tables or use relationships for them. I've not used a data model like this prior so any help would be much appreciated. 

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It's great to see discussions on utilizing Power BI for analyzing and visualizing Shopify data. If you're interested in diving deeper into the pros and cons of using Shopify as an e-commerce platform, I recommend checking out the article Exploring the pros and cons will give you a comprehensive understanding of the platform's capabilities and potential limitations. In past its really help me in my business

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I found this post on Shopify data modeling in Power BI quite informative. As a Power BI user, it's crucial to effectively model and transform your data to extract meaningful insights. Understanding the underlying structure and relationships of your Shopify data is essential for creating accurate and insightful visualizations. I appreciate the tips and discussions shared in this post, particularly the focus on defining relationships, managing data granularity, and optimizing performance

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Thank you for sharing your experience and insights on Shopify data modeling in Power BI. Data modeling is a crucial step in creating meaningful visualizations and gaining valuable insights from your Shopify data. It's great to see the community discussing various approaches and best practices for data modeling in Power BI with Shopify

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Helper III

Hi @Jameswh91 

You can use Power BI Connector with a data model where the relations are built automatically. 





Helper III
Helper III

i'm not sure why you would need a data model for this, or merging table, if there is free shopify to Power bi connector.
try this app
this is the how to
and a free template to get you started

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