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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the new Anomaly detection feature (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new Anomaly detection feature so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI AI team

Frequent Visitor


Find anomalies with custom calendar seems to give out an error. But it works with the default date hierarchy.

Would you be able to check this post here for explanation?




Helper I
Helper I

Why does this feature only work when users go against best practice?  Best practice being separating the model from the reporting layer. 


Would be nice to get to use these cool tools when following best practices.

Can you elaborate what you mean the feature go against best pratice? Can you elaborate what you mean anomaly detection didn't "seperating the model from the reporting layer. "? Do you mean cannot change sensitivity at Consumer mode?



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Hello, could you please explain the process of calculating the expected range? I have a monthly series of data which has a run-rate of about 35k, but there is one month that has 64k. The expected range for this month is 52-62k. I don't see a reason for the expected range to be so high, I would expect something like 30-40k.


Thank you.



Roughly, The expected value is calculated by 1) remove the anomaly points, 2) calculate an roughly average of adjacent values 2) apply frontier transform on the value from 2)


The expected range is just +/- static range based on the expected value and sensitivity.


Yet yes you are right, we are not sure why it returns the expected range > 50K not 30K-40K and we are investigating at our side, and will update the thread shortly.


Thank you for your feedback.


when I extend the time period of the chart (12 more months), it gives me the expected range.



Yeah, the anomaly detection algorithm we use is based on frequency. So if the input is small, the model cannot give a very good accuracy (well, in fact I believe it applies to all statistic models). Yet we are checking and see if we can do anything to make the result better with limited input data like what you provided above.

Not applicable

The expected min value when hovering over the line graph is impossible and showing negative numbers. The dataset we are using does not have any negatives.

In this case, if you could give us a repro pbix, we can try to involve Azure Anomaly Detection team to check why the negative numbers are shown.


Also, you may be interested in my reply on technical details in the same thread.

Not applicable

It seems to be software related. Asking a collegue to open the file gives explanation results, publishing the file also gives me the expected results. Weirdly enough, reinstalling did nothing for me to fix the issue.

What about re-install in a different folder? Or after un-install, and try delete the existing PBI Desktop folder (you can get it via right click on the PBIDesktop icon). 

Make sure you get the latest Desktop version.


Hope a clean re-install can fix the issue.


If still have issue, we probably need to check .Net version. 

Not applicable

Everything is working for me, until I click on an anomaly:







Its a blank report with just date in the axis and revenue in the values.







This is without adding anything special to the overview. I tried it with 3 different reports that had different datasets, all with the same results. What am I doing wrong?


Version: 2.88.621.0 64-bit


I have the same problem when in Desktop mode, but it works when I publish to

Does it work for you when you publish?

If so, why doesn't work in desktop mode?

Is it feasible to share a repro to us? 

Frequent Visitor

Hi to everyone,

I found some exemples on internet to test anomaly detenction.

I send you the link of one:


I followed every step but the explaination panel alweys show me the same message:

"No explainations were found"


I send you the pbix that I used!Aq9vs57jlUsQgxc3QKRh8CyXhaPJ


Can you tell me what's wrong?

Hello @I365SvcUsr , I see from your pbix that you are trying to explain by just two fields. If you remove these fields from the explain by field well, our automatic field selection will kick in and allow you to find explanations on more points. You can also try dragging more fields to the explain by field well.


Additionally, it is expected that some anomaly points won't return explanations, because there simply isn't enough information to explain that point with confidence.


i tried to remove all values from the "explain by" field but nothing changes: the explanation panel is always empty.

I also selected the same date of the example that I sent you (27 october 2010).


Can you show me what you see selecting this date into the pbix that i sent you?


I did see that some edits were made to the data in this pbix so that it no longer matches the data given in the tutorial you linked, so some results may be different. However, I get quite a few explanations returned in the pbix you sent when I click on the anomaly point at 27 October, 2010 and have no fields in the explain by field well.


Can you try closing the pane, removing the anomaly detection card, and applying anomaly detection again? Then check if you can get explanations for this point.


If not, can you create a new pbix using the data directly from the tutorial at and try again? That way we can check if you are able to get explanations results at all.


I wanna explain you every step I did this second time:

I uninstalled and installed PBI Dextop. After that, I downloaded again the .CSV from the linked tutorial and I imported it into a new pbix. I checked the option "Anomaly detenction" so I closed and opened the pbix.

At this time, I clicked on the line chart in the visualization panel and select thedate for Axis and temperature into Values, so I applied anomaly detection without fields in the explain by field.

The result is the same:!Aq9vs57jlUsQgxhyFhRlDFHpDGBs



Nothing appears..

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